Thursday, November 6, 2008

A little belated

It is so crazy that it is now November right? Halloween was so fun for us we went down home to my parents house and took Nate's nephew Gage and my brother and sister trick-or-treating. Trick-or-treating is the best it brought us back to our childhood memories. Our inspiration for this year's costumes were.....
This is how awesome it turned out!

As we were walking around the neighborhood people would yell party on Wayne and lines from the movie it was really fun! Next year I am thinkin about being Donald Trump ;) unless Nate claims it! We've been watching a lot of the Apprentice lately! Also I couldn't get the pictures to work but Bentley was Yoda, Kirby was Shrek, and Neeko was a hot dog for Halloween it was hilarious! Also isn't sorting candy the best thing about trick-or-treating!

We went to the pumpkin walk as well a couple days before Halloween with our dear buddies Adam, Melissa, and their super cute little girl Olivia. She seriously could be like a kid model! And who knew that Logan had fun things to do! jk ;)