Friday, June 26, 2009

Help Part 2....Please?!

Sorry this is the last thing I will ever ask of my blog readers! Its another marketing question on the other side of the spectrum of life!

What factors influence you when purchasing a breakfast cereal? (ex: price, toys inside ;), nutritional content, or packaging)

Thank you thank you thank you times a million! I will thank all of you in my graduation speech by name (come on who doesn't want that?!). Love love!
ps: I will turn into this old man if you don't help me ;) and no one wants that

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Help Please ;)!

I really need some help with this project that I am doing for school. Its a fragrance project and we have to get some market research, so I decided to take it to the blog and ask your wonderful opinions. If you could comment back to this simple question it would really super duperly help me out!

What factors influence you to purchase a fragrance? Here are some examples: price, bonuses like a gift with purchase, content or scent, image, the brand, the packaging such as the bottle it comes in, or ya know whatever you may feel.

Thank you thank you thank you in advance you will be such a great help, and don't be afraid mmmk ;) love love
ps: yes I did add a picture just because ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Decisions decisions, and a summer time scent

As my graduation nears I have a lot of decisions to make where to go to school next. I have love love loved fashion merchandising and my teachers, but have found a nack for visual merchandising (that is like creating displays for stores and making everything look pleasing to the eye). I wish so so badly I could go to this school:

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

They specialize in visual communications but get this per semester it cost $20,000!!! Yeah ok as if I have that kind of dough hanging around. Hmphh so this is my dilemma I can't afford this school at all so what is next? I am thinking about going to the LDS Business College for interior design since I am thinking that will help support my display making interest the best I can. There is also the choice of going to SLCC for fashion design.....too many choices! I guess I will just concentrate on finishing school for now, T minus 2 months to go and I'll be done wahooo! Wish me luck!

On a lighter note:
I am ubber obsessed with this scent Bath and Body Works Coco Cabana, doesn't it just scream summer?!! They only have it during their summer sale so buy up while you can! I can't find the body spray anywhere though, by anywhere I mean in Logan the mall of course if you read my blog is the most pathetic thing known in the mall world. Anyway it is seriously THE best and I highly recommend it! Love love

Monday, June 8, 2009

The bad choice reward and a gem

Let me start off by saying that Ariel said I needed to post more so this one is for you! I went to the gym today and did the usual routine, afterwards I went to go wash my hands to feel sterile and weigh myself as I usually do. To my surprise I lost one or two pounds I would like to lean more towards the 2 but it was probably only one, needless to say I was beyond ecstatic. I made the mistake of going grocery shopping we needed some good fruit and veggies and when we went to Wal-mart they all looked so Mcnasty, so I opted for Smiths. I got what I needed and headed to go get myself a ice cold Propel as I headed that way I went past the ice cream aisle, I have been craving ice cream all week but have refused since I have been trying to eliminate excess sugar intake causing the roll on my stomach to get larger and larger. I gave in to my sweet tooth after a week or more of refusing, I purchased a six pack of chocolate covered mint creamies, came home, ripped open the package, and inhaled one, also debated eating another but didn't. In conclusion I am now chewing 2 pieces of dubble bubble gum (loaded with sugar), a mint creamy seeping into my thigh, and on my way back to gaining that pound back, I can't say that I have missed you! Lets hope that Nate wants to take a walk on the wild side and eat the remaining 5 creamies in the fridge so I won't ;)!

On to a lighter note

Miss Serena
ps I stole this from Ariel's blog hope you don't mind!

I got to see my lovely ladies this weekend to celebrate Ariel and Kess's birthdays I swear it has been forever hopefully once I move out from this farmland I will get to see them more! But I was able to hold this little gem for hours after we went to dinner, she is so precious, it made me think for like a millisecond that I should have one to hold all day long, but then it was over and I went about my business baby talking Serena! I can't wait for the rest of the babies to get here so I hold them forever like I did this gorgeous little princess! I can't wait to do it again, hopefully it's soon! She is so pretty just like her mommy thanks for letting me steal her for like the whole night! Happy Birthday again to my girlys Ariel and Kess! Love love

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This movie is AMAZING!! I promise it is my new favorite show I wanted to go see it again as soon as it was over. We had the best Saturday in a long time, our friends Jason and Christy Gerrard came up Saturday morning we gave them the Logan tour which included: lunch at Firehouse Pizza, a visit to the free zoo, watching Nate and Jason spin the crap out of each other on the red bowl of death at the park, then off to the movie, and of course Le Nonne for dinner (which was especially awesome we got to sit out on their patio and the guitar players were out there with lights lit up in all the trees! So so cute!) It was a great weekend and I highly recommend Up I laughed from beginning to end and wanted the doggie Doug for my own ;)! Seriously check your listings and buy tickets now ;) love love