Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My New Phobia

I discovered a new phobia that I suffer from its:

Emetophobia: A fear of throwing up

Let me explain, for the past couple of days I have been praying to the porcelain throne because I am deathly afraid of throwing up. It came to the point of no return...I had to throw up, immediately following well and during I had a huge panic attack! I didn't want it to happen again I was literally freaking out, the only thing that got me through it was that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry throws up after several years of not. But alas it happened again...and again....and again! I was so so miserable! I ended up becoming severely dehydrated, I promise I thought I was near death...seriously though this time. I couldn't move my body at all and I could barely breathe! Luckily thank goodness I am on the mend, except this opens up a whole slew of bigger problems I mean this may solidify my fear of having a kid! I mean what if I have severe morning sickness in addition to my phobia!! Blahhhhh! Good thing I don't have to worry about that for a very VERY VERY long time ;). I need to lastly thank my dear sweet hubbs for taking such good care of me even though he was super sick too, I am a very lucky lady ;). Also thanks to the moms for bringing us medicine and gatorades you're the best! Again I am so glad I am feeling better !!!TTFN ;) Love love

Monday, December 28, 2009


The question that keeps running through my mind today is:

"Why is Christmas over?"

Is it just me or did the holiday go by way too fast? I swear I blinked Thursday night at around 6 PM and then it was Saturday morning...did I black out or something? In protest I refuse to get ready (not like that is totally different than any other day ;) but still) and while staring at my Christmas tree humming You Make It Feel Like Christmas by the one and only Neil Diamond. Christmas please come back to me...I miss you. Love love

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays friends, we hope that your days are merry and full of good cheer, and that you have a great new year ;). Love love N & M

So Sorry

Dear Blog,

I am sorry for using you the other day for an outlet to my anger, it was wrong of me and hope that you an forgive me and we can remain bff's. I promise to never treat you that way again....well I will think twice about it??? Happy Holidays Blog!

Love love always,
Morgan Virginia

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yeah that's right I said it!

I need to vent and throw an effing temper tantrum today. Yeah that's right I said eff!

1. Eff not being able to eat! What I wouldn't give to have a huge Cafe Rio salad right now.
2. Eff drinking my fountain drink without a straw...its just wrong
3. Eff the window shield truck guy who was riding my tail on the way home. What more do you want from me I was going 80 and its not like there is EVER going to be some windshield emergency!!
4. Eff not being able to thoroughly enjoy my crumbly donettes
5. Eff Eff Eff the lady in front of me in line at Kohls who had the balls to complain about HER taking forever to finish her transaction! First she wanted to re-do a previous transaction to put onto her Kohls card, then she wanted to pay for her items, then she wanted to pay off her Kohls card with every possible tender you can use! An as she walks away she complains about how long that took, ummm excuse me its the weekend before Christmas and you want to do all this mumbo jumbo with twenty billion people waiting in line behind you??!!! You suck lady...really really bad!
6. Eff starving to death yet feeling too nauseous to eat...if I didn't have this surgery I could have sworn I was pregnant.
7. Eff picture frames not being made in the size I need
8. Eff not being able to find the most perf cream sweater for Christmas Eve
9. Eff skinny jeans..well the ones that I can afford I am sure the $200 pairs look amazing, so eff expensive jeans that look amazing!
10. Eff being to sick too see BFF and Lil B yesterday
11. Eff the laundry
12. Eff Tiger really are one sick dude
13. Eff my bad attitude

Confession: On the way home I was blaring some Paramore/first album the second one is too trendy ;) (yeah I know I am way hardcore), well anyways I cranked it up and wanted so badly to head bang and throw the bird in the sky and wave it side to side. But I didn't...and yes my mom did raise me to have good manners so this outburst doesn't reflect her parenting you mom ;) this is just me being fed up ;) hope your day is better than mine ;) Love love.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes You Should Feel Bad For Me ;)

Today I had a gum graft was miserable to say the least! Let me paint you a picture of the procedure I had to endure! First off they don't have TV's in the ceiling so I had to stare at the styrofoam white abyss...waaay boring! Next he told me about what he was going to do (don't get me wrong the dude was totally nice but how he decided to chop up gums for a living beats me!). So he started with hitting me up with some wonderful Novocaine whomever came up with that genius idea must get a Nobel Prize of some sorts! So there I was numb as a frost bitten limb when he sliced both gum beds around my two front lower teeth to stretch the gums and attach the graft. After he did that I was dreading the next part...he took a dagger shaped instrument to my upper gum on my right side next to my palette and sliced it! This is where he took the graft to attach to my lower wasn't pretty I am pretty sure he tried to hide how horribly bloody it was. I would catch out of the corner of my eye every so often his plastic glove covered in blood...gross I know. There I laid my body was stiff as a board, my hands in fists, and my toes pointed (I know that everyone secretly does this I mean how could you not with all these little daggers and drills in your mouth!) anyways then he sewed the incision where he took the graft from and moved on to putting the freaky weird slab of gum on my front teeth. At this point some of the novocaine began to wear off...not fun when you have a small hook and thread going through your gums, so I said um yeah OUCHYYY! I kept saying little prayers in my mind: please be over soon! please let this be the last stitch, please let me make it out of here alive, please don't let me bleed to death, you know just the usual...I wish I hadn't taken my last xanex a couple weeks ago when I first went to the dentist...that could have helped immensely! My gums kept and keep bleeding it is thoroughly disgusting!

Good thing I have such an amazing husband...he took me to my appointment, asked the dentist what I could and couldn't eat and then went to the store to pick me up some things! He even waited till I got home and tucked me in bed...this is where I have been ever since noon popping pills and eating mashed potatoes. I am so happy this is finally over and can't wait for it to heal..lets just hope I don't choke on my own blood while I sleep...TMI? Oh well ;). Wish me luck ;) Love love.

ps: Another couple totally crappy things about this whole procedure...I can't work out for five days which will either be a blessing or curse to my waistline. Lets hope for blessing since I will be on a liquid or mushy diet for the next little bit ;). Also Cafe Rio Thursday is a total bust.....I didn't even get it last week since we were back and forth from the North Pole/Logan last week which I am so not complaining with graduation was amazing. Hopefully sometime next week I will have a pork barbacoa salad filling my stomach and mind with happiness ;).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Night

Last night I accomplished something...I graduated last night! It was so so amazing, I loved seeing my teachers again an introducing them to my family and reminiscing about the time I spent there. It was a great night for me, I had my wonderful family with me who were so happy for me which made me feel beyond special. One of the highlights of the nights for me was right before I was about to receive my diploma my teacher got up on the stage to hand it to me! It was great I loved every second...(well I could have done without the story with the farm and the cows ;) its a must when you are in Logan though!). Thanks for a great night hubbs and fam I loved it! I can't wait for Nate's graduation tomorrow!! I hope he has a just as a great of an experience as I did!

ps: I could have done without the 6 below weather last night Logan ;) Love love!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


This came from my girly Kim's blog and I thought it was fun!

My 5 Random Life Goals:

1: To feel successful and accomplished with a career that allows me to run wild with my creativity.

2: To want to be a mommy....I want to want to be a mommy I just don't have that feeling of need to be a mommy....I really hope this happens because if not Natey could be super mad with me in the far far away future ;) (no mom nate doesn't want to have a kid either right not that's why I added to fars' in front of the future ;) love you)

3: To travel the world (yeah I know this is everyone's but I just love traveling and discovering!).

4: To be a great humanitarian and serve people around me...and animals ;)

5: This really should be #1 but to be happy is the most important goal I have ;)

I challenge you to do the same ;) its fun!! Have a great Thursday I know we will, off to graduation tonight and hoping that we don't freeze in below zero weather in good ol' Logan ;)! Love love

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We're graduating and it feels so good!

This week Nate and I both graduate! I am so proud of my sweet hubby, he is graduating with a double major, and an amazing GPA (pretty much he's a genius). Mine on the other had seems insignificant to his, he is such an amazing student and I am so happy he will be done for the time being....until we are off to graduate school wishfully in CA or NY!! I love you schweetie you are amazing!!

Having graduation this week has really got me thinking...I loved my schooling! It was such an amazing experience for me, it allowed me to express my creativity in a way I never had before, also it allowed me to challenge myself to push farther and to be the best student I could be. I miss and think about it everyday, I still have plans to continue on to complete an interior design degree. Its hard though right now between getting stable here with moving (who knew that just moving locations would affect your bank account so much!) so the money just isn't there but I will get there I will make sure of it! I need to learn to be proud of my accomplishments it is so out of my character to think I really did something of worth (sorry this for sure is not a pity party just the truth!) because I worked my big behind off to get here so GO ME!

On a so much lighter note why in the H is the USU graduation ceremony at friggin 10 Logan! We have to be in Logan by 9:30 to make sure we have tickets, and I think that Nate has to be there a whole lot earlier then 9:30....BOOOO USU! That is far to early to be waking up on a Saturday...naps will be made mandatory! Wellf friends wish us luck! Love love

Monday, December 7, 2009


I slept on the couch night before last because I couldn't find the remote to our TV upstairs....thought you should know ;)

Love love

Dear Santa

Dear Santa:

I think I have been remarkably good this year and am willing to barter the next five years of excellent behavior for this:

(Audi Q5 SUV in Deep Sea Blue Pearl)

Not only do I want this car...but I need this car! I almost died multiple times on my way to the BFF get together Saturday! Now Santa, my hubby Nate who is usually on the naughty list...I am sure you have heard of him ;) JK, but he won't ever..EVER let me get a brand new car! Yeah I know the car depreciates in amount right when you drive it off the lot..blah blah blah, so you see Santa you are my only hope of having this car and insuring my safety. Think it it out with the Mrs' I know its a big purchase and all, have your elves contact me soon so I know whether to sell my car or make proper arrangements with the morgue ;).

Love love yours truly,
Morgan V.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good....Bad....& The Ugly

{Clint made a pretty ruggedly hot cowboy...looks sorta like Hugh Jackman..if you're into that}

So just need to put some stuff out into the blog universe again..lets start on a good note ;)

The Good:

*We went to the dentist yesterday after 3+ years of not attending due to no insurance ;) we had NO cavities!!! Seriously I am still in shock! I mean to tell the truth many a moon ago I was suppose to go to the dentist to have around 5 cavities filled.....I was way mature and skipped out and NEVER had them filled! So the night before our appointments I was anxiety stricken I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I told Natey every 2-3 minutes that I was so so so scared to go to the dentist, ps: I had to take a xanex before I even went to the appointment just to calm down ( yes it was that bad and felt justified in taking it...very justified!) So when the dentist came in and sat beside my possessed chair and side table full of bloody floss (I am sorry tiff but I think that the hygienists and assistants get joy from causing pain) anyways back to the dentist he sat next to me and said your teeth look GREAT!!! I thought I was having some very cruel prank played on me...he was serious though! He said that some of the previous cavities I may have had re-mineralized or whatev. For real the big guy upstairs was so looking out for us!

* We got our new laptop yesterday! Its so so amazing! I don't have to sit all alone in that little room staring at a box elder bug that has become my new bff....I haven't seen him in a couple days so I hope that he's not dead...if so R.I.P. Boxy.

The Bad:

Thrifty Thursday wasn't as thrifty for me this week....come to think of it it was a major let down! I was at my local DI and spotted out of the corner of my eye these gorge Carlos 4 inch platform shoes, immediately when I saw them I planned out the most perf outfit to go with them for graduation next week. So I sit down to try them on...I didn't even bother to look at the size because I was so fearful of them not being my size! There I was slipping my foot into the most amazing shoes I have ever found at the DI, and guess what?!! The totally fit!!! I then turned them over to see the condition they were in and they were MINT!! I was beside myself with happiness, while I was checking out their condition I noticed the price tag.....$15.00.....ok in the real world this would be a screaming deal but this is the thrift world and I was not about to pay 15 bucks for these (yeah yeah I'm cheap I know). I then went on a quest to muster up the courage to ask a manager if they could lower the price, I mean the leather boots they were selling weren't even 15 bucks...throw me a bone here! After about 45 minutes of pacing I was determined to ask someone, I asked the first manager I saw......"Please lady I need these understand how it is right....please just lower the price to ten dollars....I will even send you a thank you card for your generosity! Ok so it didn't go exactly that way...she declined my offer before I could even finish my I put my shoes back on the rack and had to leave before I broke down and bought the shoes that lets face it I would wear once perhaps twice....but they would be the happiest times of my life I bet ;)! I was pretty peeved they wouldn't discount them I mean come on you got the shoes for FREE you're making like 1,000's of percents of profit here, and its the holiday season.....! Again Thrifty Thursday wasn't that thrifty.

* Well its winter ladies....I loathe winter and anything winter related. But alas I live in Utah for the time being and have to deal. I have been looking for weeks for leather or not cheap leather imitation boots at a reasonable price without a spec of suede/micro suede/or any suede looking imitation...The brands that I am obsessed with that make the boots that must adorn my feet are: Frye, Banana Republic, and Nine West.....none of them are under 100 bucks...which happens to be my price range....BOOOOOO winter I blame you for my misfortune!

The Ugly:

*Yeah I am pretty sure that I am the last person on earth that doesn't wear cute work out clothes. I mean I think the lady in the class after mine today with the velveteen capri leggings beats my faded red sweats and security one T. I just don't want to invest in any I mean I wear them for around 3 hours a week....perhaps if I find a super great deal on some I will cave...until then I am easy to spot at the rec center ;)

AHHHHH I feel sooo much better ;) thanks for listening/reading ;) Love love!

ps: sorry for beginning so may sentences with 'so'....not really though just trying to be polite for all my grammatically correct peeps ;)

pps: I know there are boat loads of other grammar issues in the post...again deal ;) xoxoxox ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone!! I love this holiday and am excited to spend time with family. We have so much to be thankful for right now and thought that I would do a top ten!

1. Family: We love you and are grateful for all you do!
2. Friends: We are grateful to be blessed to have great friends.
3. Eternal families: We are grateful that our family will be together forever.
4. Jobs: We are grateful to have jobs that provide us with food to eat, clothes to wear, and a home to live in.
5. Animals: (ok ok ok so this one is mine but I don't care!) I am grateful for pets and for their unconditional love ;)
6. Our Country: We are grateful to live the USA and grateful for all those who laid down their lives for us, and who risk their lives everyday so we can be free.
7. The Gospel: We a grateful to have knowledge of our church, and for our faith.
8. Cafe Rio: We are grateful to have you in our lives and right down the street from our house. I don't know what we would do without your pork barbacoa salad.
9. TV: Yeah so this one is not sentimental but seriously its cheap entertainment for us, and life without Seinfeld re-runs is no life at all in my book ;)
10. Marriage: I am grateful to have found my schweetie and for all the hard work he puts in for our family, I truly am a very lucky lady...I am sure he would agree about me ;)

We hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow and eat tons of amazing food! I know we will ;) Love love


Today was a great day for thrift store shopping! I found some amazing treasures that I am super excited about:

Knock-off Hermes bag

Vintage books in pretty colors for my side tables

80's envelope purse (perfect for a fancy night out with my hubby)

Vintage Book of Mormon! I especially love the blue one because my mom has one and I remember loving to use it and look at all the fun pictures!

I really think I am getting the hang of this thrift store shopping thing! And it costs me next to nothing which I really dig!! You really should try it sometime ;) Love love

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Throw me a friggin bone here

I am a little upset today that I never win any of these blog giveaways....some how even though the winners are picked at random I think that the whole thing is rigged. I mean I enter and enter day, after day, after day and for what? NOTHING! I mean is my blog not popular enough to win a giveaway or something? Umm...hello friends don't just grow on trees, I am sorry I'm not COOL enough to win your stupid giveaway! I mean would it be seriously too much to ask for a small parting gift....please?

(Wow sorry, but this rage about giveaways has been building and building for quite sometime and I just needed to release it here in the blog universe).

Well I hope that your luck is much better than mine ;), Love love.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Today I am sick
not the deathly ill sickness
just the in between sickness, so at least functioning.
But I just don't want to do anything but watch
The Nanny re-runs (I promise I think this show is funny)
and nap in between making crafts.

Today I wish I had the swine flu so I could justify doing all of the above.
But alas I cannot I must work....or fall asleep on the keyboard?
We'll see what happens first ;)
Hope your Monday is much better! Love love

Monday, November 9, 2009


This is my drug of choice:

I promise I think that they put crack in this stuff! Now I know I have blogged about Nutella before and its probably getting old...just deal ok! I really have a horrible addiction to this stuff, I find myself thinking about it ALL the time. But once I partake of some of this wonderful spread, happiness fills my entire being, but once I seal up the jar and place it back in the cupboard I immediately feel so disgusted with myself...hence my conclusion that this stuff must have some sort of drug embedded in the creamy goodness probably crack crystals posing as sugar or something.

Today is the day that I come clean/sober and vow to never purchase and or partake of this creamy chocolatey goodness ever again. After I publish this post I will go and take my last "hit" and dump a ton of water in the jar thus not tempting me to get the jar out of the garbage....yes I would probably do that the addiction really is THAT that pathetic!

Wish me luck....Love love

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So about every six months or so Nate checks up on the blog, mainly when he is bored or is genuinely interested...that is still to be determined ;) love you honey! Let me paint the picture for you what happened last night: I walk in from being brutally beaten at core fusion class, my quads are killing me from being in a perma-squat for 55 minutes (my quads, groin, and gluts will thank you later Christy but as of right now you suck)! So back to the story I walk in hauling bags of groceries with every muscle pulled in the lower half of my body and about ready to keel over! I decide to dredge upstairs to say hi to Natey and see if he wanted anything to eat (he had worked all day and had loads of homework so I wanted to be sweet). So I am on my way up the stairs...well.. trying to make it up the stairs with my jelly legs! I open the door to the office and there is Natey reading our blog...the first thing he says to me is: cardigan huh?
(ahhh hem what happened to hi sweetie how was your workout? Thank you for going grocery shopping, spending 15 minutes finding the perfect soup you know I would like, and what about all my funny jokes on this blog I mean for real I am hilarious!? For serious I know he really does appreciate that...I love you again sweetie!)

But alas he had read my last post about paying full price for the gold cardigan....wha wha whaaaa! I was caught.....RED HANDED! This solidified my shame and guilt....I mean of all the times to check in on the blog he looks at the confession entry...that really is just my luck. I am still keeping the cardigan is an investment piece (how sad is it that 20 bucks is an investment for me?). You know what? Even and when we make it big I still will probably feel guilty about paying 20 bucks for a cardigan, that's the way momma raised me! I am proud to carry on the legacy of the bargain shopper and she did a dang good job if you ask me ;)! Love you mom!

ps: I hope you all have a great Thursday! I know I will! I am counting down the hours till I am home from kickboxing with a HUGE Cafe Rio salad in my lap, my hubby at my side, and Survivor Samoa on the tube ( I can't wait to see what happens with the merge)! Love love

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On my mind

I have several things on my mind today that I would really like to get off my chest!

1). Trying to find time to start up my new boutique:

Meet Virginia

Which will feature in the beginning hand made trinkets and hopefully grow into a full fledged free standing store. It has always been a dream of mine to have my own boutique, I realized a couple weeks ago while wandering in and out of some super cute stores on Main St. in Bountiful with my hubbs that this is really the path for me.
Now lets get to the consuming my mind part: HOW do I do this? I mean this is a pretty big task and I don't want to fail, I HAVE to be successful. So I have the drive its just stressful trying to make it all happen....lets face it I deal with stress just as well as I love jumping into a body of water from a high elevation...(falling period is a huge HUGE fear of mine but falling into just HORRIFYING to me)! Good thing my hubbs is so business savvy! Stay tuned for the Meet Virginia Blog store..coming soon...I hope!

2). I want these oxford inspired shoes from F21... now I know I may get some flack for this but I really can't stop from having these shoes keep replaying in my mind (this is a sign a should purchase them right)?

I mean really wouldn't they look superb with a simple black sheath dress, gold cardigan, and grey tights? I think so, also I have noticed that my sense of style has really come back since living in a more urban environment. I sadly thought it was lost forever since moving to Logan, but now I realized that that hick town only suppressed my fashion creativity! It feels good to be getting back to my old self ;)!

3). My mom will be so disappointed by this one....I paid full price for a gold cardigan at Target last night....I am so ashamed. It wasn't even discounted slightly...but I had to do it! I searched high and low for a gold cardigan on sale an I never could find I did what I normally do and convinced myself that I NEED this cardigan...I cannot LIVE without it (much like I am doing with these shoes right now). So mind over money prevailed once again!

4). That time of the month is nearing...I can feel it. I have all the normal symptoms: wanting to eat Nate and I out of house and home, irritability, wanting to sleep for hours on end, and too many headaches to count. I mean seriously isn't it enough that we have to deal with this for 5-7 days a month but to tack on a week before where you might as well be as miserable as those 5-7 days? This whole time of the month has really gotten out of hand if you ask me! How about instead of giving me all of these pre time of the month symptoms, just send me a memo so I am aware mother nature is coming to my neck of the woods and wants to shack up for 5-7 days. (That could have been a little TMI but today I could careless I mean women post their birthing stories and how they massage their cervix and what nots so my post seems pretty PG compared to that!) ;).

Ahh I feel so much better, this post was very therapeutic! Sorry again for the TMI ;). I hope you all have a great Wednesday..Love love.

ps: I went to power tone class last night and my legs feel like dead weight! Thank you Janeen for beating my entire body to death, you're the best! ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Live long and prosper

Our Halloween was totally awesome! We had a blast! The only thing I missed was watching my most fav Halloween movie: Hocus Pocus.....I am still grieving over this :(! Nate said lets just watch it on Sunday and I was like ummm tomorrow isn't Halloween sweetie it won't be the same! Better luck next year I suppose. The Zagg Halloween party was totally awesome, we had a blast! I am still bothered that I didn't win any of the costume contests...again better luck next year!

Here is the un-veiling of our trekkie costumes for this year!

{Captain Kirk and Spawk!! Awesome wig huh ;) I am thinking about giving it a go full time ;)!}

I already have a plan for our costumes next year ;) I don't want to give too much away but here's a sneak peek ;):

Hope you guys had a great Halloween...I am so so super sad its over :(! Love love!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I am so so excited that tomorrow is Halloween I can't even express my giddyness in this post!! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays EVER! I love getting dressed up and pretending to be someone else for one night. Nate and I's costumes are pretty sweet I must say!

Here's a clue:

For Halloween to be successful it must have all of the following for me:

Isn't Hocus Pocus the BEST EVER! I mean really it is the perfect Halloween movie. My earliest memory of this movie was watching it after I got home from trick-or-treating with Kristy and Whitney and sorting my haul of candy while wanting to be Sarah Jessica Parker and singing my own version of her hypnotizing song!!:

Come little children, I'll take thee away
Into a land of enchantment
Come little children, the time's come to play
Here in my garden of magic

Seriously what little girl didn't do that....? Maybe I was the only one ;)! I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and gorge out on all the candy you can! Love love

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ok so I am totally famous! I was asked to be in a Bridgerland promotional video and they put it up online!! I feel so accomplished ;) but then it got me thinking I really miss going to school there. My teachers were amazing and I had amazing friends......:( boooo!

Here is the link check it out!
{In my 2 second cameo I am working on a window display I helped create!}

ps: Don't mind the guy hacking at a beef's a Logan thing...if you live there you'll understand ;)! Love love

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Blah....this is how I feel I am not sick or feeling ill in anyway. I am so bored with my life as it is right now. I won't get into too many details since many of them include stuff from my so-called "Professional" life. I mean many of you know I work from home and I am so very happy that I have a job and it truly is a great one, its just hard not having human all! Since Nate said that I HAVE to work...even if/when he hits it big I guess I have to come to terms with it, I guarantee today won't be the day that I do. But I mean come on can't wife be a full time job? Granted it is a crappy one, really you are more of a volunteer, you receive no compensation for doing endless loads of laundry and hours of cleaning. There are slim to no benefits other than the occasional thanks for scrubbing the crusty dishes compliments. Honestly it sounds like an awesome gig to me right now, call me lazy or whatever you want...I have hit a wall and I am not sure when I will be able to climb over it (yes I can be serious ;). Yep Blah is the perfect word of describing Morgan today...hopefully tomorrow will be better/or a miracle happens and Nate becomes a multi-millionaire and I can convince him that being a Wife full time is where I should be ;)!

ps: If you know of anything where I can have a creative outlet and make moolah/a job let me know!

pps: I didn't bother putting up a pic on this entry because I thought it was very fitting of my Blah mood.

ppps: Wish me luck on having a better day tomorrow ;)! Love love

Monday, October 26, 2009

The dance

I came across this song today by my most fav band of all brought a tear to my eye this is Nate and I's be honest I am tearing up right now ;)! It's the song that we played for our first dance as a married couple, what an amazing that day was, and what an amazing guy I lucked out with! I love you sweetie...and will for all time ;)! Sorry for the mush it had to be said though ;) Love love!

Oh my Neeko!

I received an email from my sweet pooch Neeko today....I laughed really hard! Check it out ;)

petcentric - DOGGIE & KITTIE-MAIL

Isn't he the cutest???? I love love him!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The pop in!

Have you ever had the Relief Society Presidency do an un-announced pop-in visit? Well as of last night I have! It was around seven thirty pm I had just finished making me some whole wheat tortellini and garlic bread and was sitting down with my sweetie to a dvr'd episode of the best show ever Seinfeld!! When there was a knock at the door.....hmph maybe its our landlord and she wants more money out of us....perhaps? this wouldn't be the first time. So then Nate proceeds to get up and open the door while I sat eating my tortellini, in my messy disgusting house (Saturdays are for cleaning right?), thank goodness I hadn't gotten into my sweats yet and de-bra'd or I would have been in big trouble! So back to Nate opening the door, I hear two ladies and they said is this the Bradshaw residence? Nate said yeah it is I am Nate what can I do for you? They said we are here to visit your wife, Morgan. I was thinking to myself as they said that....uh where was my phone call to tell me you were coming over??? Where was my buffer time to straighten my house up and at least to put some mascara and blush on???? So there I was in the stuck in the middle of a pop-in (ps that is another Seinfeld phrase...I tried to find a pic or clip but it was a bust) with the Relief Society Presidency....I started sweating profusely and was really nervous for some weird reason...I mean rightly so I was totally caught off guard with no make-up on, in a filthy house, and breath smelling like basil pesto and garlic bread. To make matters worse they wanted to take my picture so they have a name with a face....UH hello can we go back to the no make-up!! I mean first you show up at my house without a phone call and now you want to take a no make-up picture? That is just askin' a little too much...too too much! So they proceeded to ask me questions all the while they wanted me to fill out this survey thing...since anxiety had taken over my mind, it was difficult for me to carry some sort of awkward conversation and fill out this getting to know you hoop-la. I couldn't tell ya how long they stayed it was like one of those car wreck scenarios. All in all they were nice ladies, just next time a little heads up would be nice mm k ;)!

ps: Happy Thursday! This day couldn't have come any sooner for me I am dying for my Cafe Rio salad and shows with me sweetie ;)! Love love

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Animal Humor

My dear sweet mom sent me this email today and I had to share! I think animal humor is almost as funny as potty humor, and if you are an avid reader of this blog you would know I think potty humor is prob the funniest stuff out there which in return makes animal humor pretty high up there on the funny scale for me! At least I know my girl Jamie will love it ;) Enjoy!!

ps: I want a pet of my very own...or at least to see my neeko baby....feel bad for me ;) Love love!

{"Look....I was thirsty man, deal with it."}

{"Touch de duck....I keel you!"}

{"Bread! You are seriously giving me bread...?"}

{"So dad left when he found out about Mom and the Panda."}

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A note to self

Dear Self:

These constant cravings of diet pepsi, salsa verde doritos, and nutella smeared tortillas (don't judge me mmk I know you would love it if you tried it!) has got to end (no I am mos def not pregnant just fyi)!

{The evidence...bum bum bum!}
We should really try to practice mind over matter, you can beat this! Kickboxing and pilates classes have now been made mandatory and will not cease till those bulges that hang over you jeans disappear!

Sincerely Yours,

Morgan Virginia

ps: I got this huge free sample in the mail today...I mean it marries the best of both worlds-getting packages in the mail and getting stuff for FREE!! Ah this made my day ;) thank you Pro X wrinkle smoothing cream for bringing a smile to my face! Love love

Monday, October 19, 2009

To all the baby mama's

Hey guys! So over the weekend my mom, sis, and I made some super cute beaded binkie holders for super cute little girls @ just $8.00! Get them while they are hottt ladies! Go here to check them out and buy! Love love!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Best day of the week!

The best day of the week is mos def.........


Let me tell you why in a picture form:

{Hangin with this backwards cap hottie}

{Downing a huge pork salad from the Rio, yes I mean the entire thing! Don't judge me ;)}

{7 PM Guilty pleasure ;)}

{Ahhh Pam+Jim forever and ever}

{Truth be told I wanted just a pic of Tim but didn't want to search for it ;)! Tim: please be my bff oh please oh please oh please!!}

This is my evening in a picture nutshell! Oh how I love Thursdays with my sweetie. Hope you all have a Happy Thursday (I know I will)!! Love love

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am so in love with this plate mural that I found on Design Sponge {much thanks}!! I have been collecting plates for weeks now and can't wait to put mine together on a wall in my bedroom. Pictures to come once I find just the right plates! Love love

Monday, October 12, 2009


A couple of questions have crossed my mind while working this morning, just curious if I am weird or normal depending on your answers ;)!

#1 Do you ever feel like your hairline is receding?

Because lately I have feared that mine has, is it because I only do my hair in a pony tail all week? Am I pulling it too tight? It's probably all in my head or it really is and I need to rush to the store and purchase some ladies rogaine....yeah its probably all in my head....?

#2 If you worked at home and rarely saw daylight would you: A) never get ready, B) get ready the second you got up, C) pull a halfer (half ready half not), or D) any combination of the previously listed.

I would have to say that I am a combo of A and C I usually get half ready if I will be going out to run errands this entails tee shirt/jeans/cons...lets just say I could be mistaken for a boy...being that makeup is optional. I determined that once/if I ever become a mom that I am screwed I will be declared the queen of frump and rarely brush my hair. Do I want this to happen no..but will it...perhaps?

These are the questions running through my mind for the day, feel free please to leave your feedback ;) love love

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Love Loves!

lately i have been infatuated with many things that i feel so inclined to share with my blogging world/i am bored and need a break from work :)!

#1 has to be decorating, moving always gives me the urge to decorate!

#2 over-decorating, now i don't think this is necessarily a good one but i really can't help myself. i don't think i would do good with minimalist designing! i want a nick nack and a paddy whack on every free space in my whole house. i draw the line at doilies though...that line should never be crossed.

#3 i have to attribute my over decorating to my new found love of the D.I. let me say first off before you judge me i challenge you to come to my house and tell what i did and did not purchase at the D.I.! i have been in a huge purchase and refurbing stage right now! ps: isn't refurbing fun to say?

#4 i am so in love with the color combo mustard gold yellow and grey. I have been searching the internet for days trying to find the perfect sweater in just the right hue! ( hue is such a designer word to say don't you think?)

#5 berets! i love love these ones from forever 21!
{would it be weird if i bought this fedora from urban outfitters? i seriously think a may!}

#6: would have to be the real housewives of atlanta, and i am so not ashamed of looking forward to this coming to on demand every friday! i however refuse to watch it with nate he just doesn't get it, it's my ME time show just like glenn is his him time show ;) love you sweetie!

#7 fall colors. my whole downstairs of my house is done in burnt orange, mustard yellow, deep cranberry red, and army green. i absolutely adore it!

#8 would have to be the vinyl boutique down the street from my house, this can probably co-inside with the whole over decorating.....its an addiction really ;)!

#9 culligan fresh drinking water! the water in b-ful is ubber nasty!

#10 edamame (soy beans) individual packs from costco! my mom turned me onto these and i have never looked back. i usually have one a day for lunch with tons of salt!!

#11 getting my hair done in a long hippie layered dark/chestnut brown colored combo, perhaps like this but with a bang?:

{also wouldn't a fedora look completely awesome with this hairdo?}

#12 coming up with new business ideas with mom and sis! be looking forward to those!

#13 pantene pro-v beautiful lengths conditioner and mask. i haven't decided if this just has a placebo effect or if it really makes my hair feel fuller,healthier, and longer! either way no complaints here i love it!

i think 13 is a great number to end at, thanks for letting me rant and rave! now i am off to get the lunch of a champions: diet pepsi and edamame {i was up so late working last night the caffeine is a must right now!} love love

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lil B

today i had the complete pleasure to meet lil b (or what i like to call her:)). she is so so pretty just like her mommy i seriously held her for around 3 hours and loved every second of it! it was so crazy to see my bff as a new mommy, not crazy bad crazy good! she will be an amazing mom, it's crazy how we have gone from skipping school to living together to getting married to living next door to each other and now for her being a mommy. i won't lie i got a little choked up and fought back some tears to see how happy her and her cute little family are. i am so happy for them, the only thing sad about it is that i don't live next door anymore and can't drop in to see mommy tiff and lil b whenever i want :(! miss you guys and had the best time seeing you and your lil b today. thanks for letting me hog her and hold her for hours, it was complete bliss! please say that when i finally cave to the baby craze that my baby will be as pretty and sweet as your's (or i will just kidnap lil b and play her off as my own!) love love you both mommy tiff and lil b can't wait till i see you again!! hopefully its real soon ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Five

happy 25th birthday to my dear sweet hubby natey! i hope that you have a great day & know that i love your handsome face! ps: it's ok that you didn't make your million by 25 i think for sure by 30! i love love love you, ♥ always your wifey ;).

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's been a long time..I should've left you!

wow ok this is the catch up to speed post, so sorry it has been crazy for the bshaw family the past month. so much has happened!

items that will be featured and discussed:

1. mesquite family reunion
2. tiff's shower and blanket making
3. graduating and various school projects
4. craft night with the bshaws
5. the big move to the big city ;)

#1 let us begin with the annual mesquite family reunion shall we? it seems like forever ago since we went but better late than never right? we had a super great time, a big shout out to my mom for being so awesome and letting us stay with her, and for letting us blot her bingo cards for her. ps i won bingo twice baby $50.00 went straight to my momma! we also ate at the famous seafood buffet and ate crab, lobster, and chocolate dipped churros to our hearts content!

happy as a clam ;)
steve a little too into the crab
this actually looks kinda gross now that i think about it
breydee with his ice cream..looking awfully suspicious
too much seafood doesn't do a body good!

#2: tiff/lil b's baby shower! i had an absolute blast planning tiff's shower! the shower was a garden party theme, i made center pieces, paper lanterns, cute napkin holders, lots of decorations, and paninis! also i made tiff a baby quilt for her cute little one, i think it turned out adorable! it turned out so well i am making my cousin mel's twins their bedding for their cribs! i am so excited (pics will follow once i finish them!).

putting the quilt together
don't mind my big belly in this shot ;) (wish i had the excuse that i was pregnant not for wanting a baby just for the big belly situation)
the finished product!
the girls and ash ;)
making bibs for lil b
the decor (i would've taken more pics but i wouldn't give up holding lil ash!)
tiff opening the quilt!me and lil ashtypical erin ;) jk love love you
#3: graduating school was so sad i miss everyone there and getting my daily dose of interacting with humans besides nate (since i work at home on the computer i just mainly interact with it...sad i know). i took some final pics of the projects i left up there and slaved over might i add ;). hopefully i can go back and visit really soon! ps these projects believe it aren't even the tip of the ice berg of all the projects i had to do there is way way way too many to even put on here!

ysl shopping bags for designer report
european visual merchandising display
perfume packaging and bottle project (this took forever! i spent many a days with an exacto- knife slaving over this project!)

sorry for the crappiness that is this pic! it's the free gift with purchase for my perfume project it is a tube of lipstick that actually is a small vial of the perfume! genius i know
magazine ad for perfume project
bf kandace not letting me take a pic of her!
bf kandace, colette (teacher), kadee (teacher)
#4: a couple weeks ago nate and i decided to make crafts one night for something to do. so i went to my fav store hobby lobby and got a jewelry box for me to decorate, and nate got a B for our front door to decorate. it was way fun being able to be creative with my hubby, i think that they turned out just great!

#5: thanks for hanging in there till number five! well we no longer reside in logan! we moved to bountiful about two weeks ago and are loving it. nate received a job offer with a company called zaag, they make the invisible shield for electronic stuff. he and two of his friends were hired to work on a secret project they have yet to release yet, i pretty much work and decorate our house at the moment, looking forward to starting school again in the spring, also i am looking forward to having a replenished bank account so i can get a membership to the bountiful bubble and work out...i need it lets just leave it at that! all in all we are happy campers and would love any and all visitors ;)

ah if feels good to get that all off my shoulders! thanks for hanging in there again it was long but well worth it right ;)! more is to come like nate turning 25 in a week and a half! stay tuned for that ;) love love