Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yeah that's right I said it!

I need to vent and throw an effing temper tantrum today. Yeah that's right I said eff!

1. Eff not being able to eat! What I wouldn't give to have a huge Cafe Rio salad right now.
2. Eff drinking my fountain drink without a straw...its just wrong
3. Eff the window shield truck guy who was riding my tail on the way home. What more do you want from me I was going 80 and its not like there is EVER going to be some windshield emergency!!
4. Eff not being able to thoroughly enjoy my crumbly donettes
5. Eff Eff Eff the lady in front of me in line at Kohls who had the balls to complain about HER taking forever to finish her transaction! First she wanted to re-do a previous transaction to put onto her Kohls card, then she wanted to pay for her items, then she wanted to pay off her Kohls card with every possible tender you can use! An as she walks away she complains about how long that took, ummm excuse me its the weekend before Christmas and you want to do all this mumbo jumbo with twenty billion people waiting in line behind you??!!! You suck lady...really really bad!
6. Eff starving to death yet feeling too nauseous to eat...if I didn't have this surgery I could have sworn I was pregnant.
7. Eff picture frames not being made in the size I need
8. Eff not being able to find the most perf cream sweater for Christmas Eve
9. Eff skinny jeans..well the ones that I can afford I am sure the $200 pairs look amazing, so eff expensive jeans that look amazing!
10. Eff being to sick too see BFF and Lil B yesterday
11. Eff the laundry
12. Eff Tiger really are one sick dude
13. Eff my bad attitude

Confession: On the way home I was blaring some Paramore/first album the second one is too trendy ;) (yeah I know I am way hardcore), well anyways I cranked it up and wanted so badly to head bang and throw the bird in the sky and wave it side to side. But I didn't...and yes my mom did raise me to have good manners so this outburst doesn't reflect her parenting you mom ;) this is just me being fed up ;) hope your day is better than mine ;) Love love.


Tiffany and Whit said...

Don't blame ya for being upset that you can't eat a cafe rio salad!!! Love those things. missed ya the other day.

Jamie said...

Do you need a hug :) That's an awkward hugger offering (you sounded that bad :))

Hope you had a good weekend!

Steve said...

If it makes you feel any better I had my first McRib and it made me throw up a little bit... I'm pretty sure part of me has died.

Shaylynn said...

Ok... So I might be a blog stalker:) Whenever I get on my friends the bshaws pop up & sometimes I just can't help but read your creative & funny posts. Eff... that is a great post title. I hope its ok if I do stalk you.. we went to high school together.. you probably don't know that... cuz i never really showed up:) jk. but anyways.. just wanted to willingly de-lurk myself in honor of your eff post. cuz it made me happy. your anger made me happy?? whatever:) Shay~