Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We're graduating and it feels so good!

This week Nate and I both graduate! I am so proud of my sweet hubby, he is graduating with a double major, and an amazing GPA (pretty much he's a genius). Mine on the other had seems insignificant to his, he is such an amazing student and I am so happy he will be done for the time being....until we are off to graduate school wishfully in CA or NY!! I love you schweetie you are amazing!!

Having graduation this week has really got me thinking...I loved my schooling! It was such an amazing experience for me, it allowed me to express my creativity in a way I never had before, also it allowed me to challenge myself to push farther and to be the best student I could be. I miss and think about it everyday, I still have plans to continue on to complete an interior design degree. Its hard though right now between getting stable here with moving (who knew that just moving locations would affect your bank account so much!) so the money just isn't there but I will get there I will make sure of it! I need to learn to be proud of my accomplishments it is so out of my character to think I really did something of worth (sorry this for sure is not a pity party just the truth!) because I worked my big behind off to get here so GO ME!

On a so much lighter note why in the H is the USU graduation ceremony at friggin 10 Logan! We have to be in Logan by 9:30 to make sure we have tickets, and I think that Nate has to be there a whole lot earlier then 9:30....BOOOO USU! That is far to early to be waking up on a Saturday...naps will be made mandatory! Wellf friends wish us luck! Love love


Liz and Adam said...

OMG OMG OMG! We are going to be at Alex's graduation! We HAVE to reunite!! Also, congratulations!!!

Kess said...

That is so great Morgan !! (plus i'm super jealous) Congrats to you both ! Also, is a college graduation like a high school graduation where if you throw your cap in the air they will not give you your diploma ??

Tiffany and Whit said...

I'm so so jealous I can't even explain! Congrats to you both. Good luck on the early part. I know how much you hate getting up early!