Sunday, April 19, 2009


As we all know a baby is not it in the works for the Bradshaws for the time being so I thought of this genius baby name and needed to dibb it immediately, its a boy name and those are hard for me to come by its....

Quin or Quinton

I thought it was so stinkin cute. Now here are my rules for dibbs if I don't know you then feel free to steal my awesome baby name if I do know you sorry its dibbed and you can't go against the rules of dibbs ;)! I am so weird but it needed to happen for my piece of mind anywho love love ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scuba dubba

Last night Nate and I were able to go scuba diving!! I know right me scuba diving I am deathly afraid of drowning, but it was the best thing ever! We just scuba'd in a pool and a diving pool that was about 20 ft deep with fun things to do at the bottom like swim through hoops, and there was a killer whale inflatable you could jump on, and at one point they turned out the lights and dropped neon glow sticks into the pool it looked so so amazing!!! There will be no pictures because I am not in swimsuit shape and I was in a wet suit which was majorly hottt! Again it was so so cool!! Love love

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday weekend in a nutshell

I had the best birthday weekend ever! Thanks to my many family and friends! The weekend started on Friday when my mom, sister, nate, and I went to Phantom at the Hale Theater. The show was AMAZING!!! I love loved every second of it! Thanks again mom so much for taking Nate and I we had a blast!

The next day I was able to see all my gal pals at baby Serena's shower. It was so awesome to see everyone, and the preggy bellys that are so stinkin adorable! It had been far too long. I can't wait for all these babies to get here so I can hold them like they are my own and give them back once they poop, cry, need to be fed, etc...pretty much all the hard work I can just bypass!

That night we celebrated my bday with the Bradshaws and went to see Monsters vs Aliens....confession I thought it would be funnier and cutier...just better all around. We had some amazing dessert which Gage, Nate's nephew made for me it was the sweetest thing!

On the day of my birthday my sweet sweet husband set up an appointment for me to get a hot stone massage. It was the most amazing experience ever I loved it, it was so romantic. When I got home he had dinner all ready for me it was the sweetest thing. Thank you honey so much you made me feel amazing on my special day you are the best hubby ever! And thank you to all my family and friends for making my birthday amazing I love love you all so so much ;)!