Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break for the Bshaws

We sadly spent our break here in dreary Utah but we made our own fun! We got to spend time with our families and we got to spend some much needed time with each other, I feel like I am single sometimes my sweetie is such a busy bee ;) jk about the single part. One Wednesday and Thursday we took the days off, we went down home Wednesday morning and went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point with Nate's mom and nephews, man little hand fulls they are it was like a birth control without swallowing a pill ;) they are way cute though. Nate's Grandpa was a big butterfly and moth collector and he would go on expeditions with this guy named Cliff who is like the head honcho at the museum. Little did I know they also make stop animation films at the museum as well some of the puppets they used were so cool they were carved from wood and were so intricate. Cliff took us on the behind the scenes tour of the museum, it was awesome! We got to see and touch real dinosaur bones they were excavating and making models for. He also let us take a couple of dino bones home with us...sort of creepy but way cool! Here are some pics from our fun day with the dinos!

Entering the museum!


3 Horn

Gage and Nate

Lil guys

One of the stop animation puppets



Me and my Sweet

REAL dino bone they were working on!

Real neck of of long neck

Long leg

Sweet stache

Nate in awe of the stache

Longest long neck ever!

Makin stuffed dinos

This was natey's favorite shot of me he said it was hot I just think it looks like dazed and confused me

This turtle was friggin huge!

Gage being eaten by jaws

Glamour shots at the 3D movie


Just doin' what we do

On Thursday we got to spend the whole day just the two of us! We went to the Gateway and Nate let me do some shopping ;) I got some super fun new shades and drooled over everything at Urban Outfitters I want everything there!! We saw the movie Coraline they had absolutely nothing out... it was sorta creepy to me I would for sure never take a small child. it was just weird I should have learned my lesson with A Nightmare Before Christmas. After dinner we headed out for some grub, I saw this awesome BBQ place on The Food Network's Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives. It was called Pat's BBQ it was so fun and so so yummy if you like BBQ for sure to hit it up it was like the best I've had!


Look at how happy a rib makes this guy ;)

BBQ=Fierce ;)

Thanks for the great weekend my Sweetie, Fam, and Cliff! We had a blast and didn't want to come back....only two more months till Summer right..? Love love ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taking a stand against HBO's Big Love

I found this off of Katie and Chase's Blog and thought that I would spread the word for the whole two people that read this blog ;) jkjk! I think it is completely ridiculous that HBO is planning to air the episode where they will be showing various temple elements and activities. Being someone who is LDS, endowed, and sealed to my sweet husband I am appalled that they would even think of depicting something so sacred to the LDS faith. I was just on the phone with my sweet mom and she was telling me that Carol Mikkita on KSL News interviewed a Rabbi about this episode HBO has produced, he said that he thinks it is morally wrong and that people of the LDS faith and not should boycott this showing of sacred dealings. I am enraged I can't believe that they would do this the show first of is about a polygamist FLDS family why don't they show their temple ordinances and clothing. I guess they have recruited a former member of the LDS church to tell them of the ordinances performed and clothing that is worn in the Temple. I love the temple I love the convents that I made there and feel like it is my duty to spread the word and hopefully you will too. If we don't stand for something we'll fall for anything.

Visit this link to post a comment if enough are reached hopefully they will pull the plug on the scenes! Thank you so much please spread the word, tell everyone, write it on your blog, anything will help!