Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My New Phobia

I discovered a new phobia that I suffer from its:

Emetophobia: A fear of throwing up

Let me explain, for the past couple of days I have been praying to the porcelain throne because I am deathly afraid of throwing up. It came to the point of no return...I had to throw up, immediately following well and during I had a huge panic attack! I didn't want it to happen again I was literally freaking out, the only thing that got me through it was that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry throws up after several years of not. But alas it happened again...and again....and again! I was so so miserable! I ended up becoming severely dehydrated, I promise I thought I was near death...seriously though this time. I couldn't move my body at all and I could barely breathe! Luckily thank goodness I am on the mend, except this opens up a whole slew of bigger problems I mean this may solidify my fear of having a kid! I mean what if I have severe morning sickness in addition to my phobia!! Blahhhhh! Good thing I don't have to worry about that for a very VERY VERY long time ;). I need to lastly thank my dear sweet hubbs for taking such good care of me even though he was super sick too, I am a very lucky lady ;). Also thanks to the moms for bringing us medicine and gatorades you're the best! Again I am so glad I am feeling better !!!TTFN ;) Love love

Monday, December 28, 2009


The question that keeps running through my mind today is:

"Why is Christmas over?"

Is it just me or did the holiday go by way too fast? I swear I blinked Thursday night at around 6 PM and then it was Saturday morning...did I black out or something? In protest I refuse to get ready (not like that is totally different than any other day ;) but still) and while staring at my Christmas tree humming You Make It Feel Like Christmas by the one and only Neil Diamond. Christmas please come back to me...I miss you. Love love

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays friends, we hope that your days are merry and full of good cheer, and that you have a great new year ;). Love love N & M

So Sorry

Dear Blog,

I am sorry for using you the other day for an outlet to my anger, it was wrong of me and hope that you an forgive me and we can remain bff's. I promise to never treat you that way again....well I will think twice about it??? Happy Holidays Blog!

Love love always,
Morgan Virginia

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yeah that's right I said it!

I need to vent and throw an effing temper tantrum today. Yeah that's right I said eff!

1. Eff not being able to eat! What I wouldn't give to have a huge Cafe Rio salad right now.
2. Eff drinking my fountain drink without a straw...its just wrong
3. Eff the window shield truck guy who was riding my tail on the way home. What more do you want from me I was going 80 and its not like there is EVER going to be some windshield emergency!!
4. Eff not being able to thoroughly enjoy my crumbly donettes
5. Eff Eff Eff the lady in front of me in line at Kohls who had the balls to complain about HER taking forever to finish her transaction! First she wanted to re-do a previous transaction to put onto her Kohls card, then she wanted to pay for her items, then she wanted to pay off her Kohls card with every possible tender you can use! An as she walks away she complains about how long that took, ummm excuse me its the weekend before Christmas and you want to do all this mumbo jumbo with twenty billion people waiting in line behind you??!!! You suck lady...really really bad!
6. Eff starving to death yet feeling too nauseous to eat...if I didn't have this surgery I could have sworn I was pregnant.
7. Eff picture frames not being made in the size I need
8. Eff not being able to find the most perf cream sweater for Christmas Eve
9. Eff skinny jeans..well the ones that I can afford I am sure the $200 pairs look amazing, so eff expensive jeans that look amazing!
10. Eff being to sick too see BFF and Lil B yesterday
11. Eff the laundry
12. Eff Tiger really are one sick dude
13. Eff my bad attitude

Confession: On the way home I was blaring some Paramore/first album the second one is too trendy ;) (yeah I know I am way hardcore), well anyways I cranked it up and wanted so badly to head bang and throw the bird in the sky and wave it side to side. But I didn't...and yes my mom did raise me to have good manners so this outburst doesn't reflect her parenting you mom ;) this is just me being fed up ;) hope your day is better than mine ;) Love love.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes You Should Feel Bad For Me ;)

Today I had a gum graft was miserable to say the least! Let me paint you a picture of the procedure I had to endure! First off they don't have TV's in the ceiling so I had to stare at the styrofoam white abyss...waaay boring! Next he told me about what he was going to do (don't get me wrong the dude was totally nice but how he decided to chop up gums for a living beats me!). So he started with hitting me up with some wonderful Novocaine whomever came up with that genius idea must get a Nobel Prize of some sorts! So there I was numb as a frost bitten limb when he sliced both gum beds around my two front lower teeth to stretch the gums and attach the graft. After he did that I was dreading the next part...he took a dagger shaped instrument to my upper gum on my right side next to my palette and sliced it! This is where he took the graft to attach to my lower wasn't pretty I am pretty sure he tried to hide how horribly bloody it was. I would catch out of the corner of my eye every so often his plastic glove covered in blood...gross I know. There I laid my body was stiff as a board, my hands in fists, and my toes pointed (I know that everyone secretly does this I mean how could you not with all these little daggers and drills in your mouth!) anyways then he sewed the incision where he took the graft from and moved on to putting the freaky weird slab of gum on my front teeth. At this point some of the novocaine began to wear off...not fun when you have a small hook and thread going through your gums, so I said um yeah OUCHYYY! I kept saying little prayers in my mind: please be over soon! please let this be the last stitch, please let me make it out of here alive, please don't let me bleed to death, you know just the usual...I wish I hadn't taken my last xanex a couple weeks ago when I first went to the dentist...that could have helped immensely! My gums kept and keep bleeding it is thoroughly disgusting!

Good thing I have such an amazing husband...he took me to my appointment, asked the dentist what I could and couldn't eat and then went to the store to pick me up some things! He even waited till I got home and tucked me in bed...this is where I have been ever since noon popping pills and eating mashed potatoes. I am so happy this is finally over and can't wait for it to heal..lets just hope I don't choke on my own blood while I sleep...TMI? Oh well ;). Wish me luck ;) Love love.

ps: Another couple totally crappy things about this whole procedure...I can't work out for five days which will either be a blessing or curse to my waistline. Lets hope for blessing since I will be on a liquid or mushy diet for the next little bit ;). Also Cafe Rio Thursday is a total bust.....I didn't even get it last week since we were back and forth from the North Pole/Logan last week which I am so not complaining with graduation was amazing. Hopefully sometime next week I will have a pork barbacoa salad filling my stomach and mind with happiness ;).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Night

Last night I accomplished something...I graduated last night! It was so so amazing, I loved seeing my teachers again an introducing them to my family and reminiscing about the time I spent there. It was a great night for me, I had my wonderful family with me who were so happy for me which made me feel beyond special. One of the highlights of the nights for me was right before I was about to receive my diploma my teacher got up on the stage to hand it to me! It was great I loved every second...(well I could have done without the story with the farm and the cows ;) its a must when you are in Logan though!). Thanks for a great night hubbs and fam I loved it! I can't wait for Nate's graduation tomorrow!! I hope he has a just as a great of an experience as I did!

ps: I could have done without the 6 below weather last night Logan ;) Love love!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


This came from my girly Kim's blog and I thought it was fun!

My 5 Random Life Goals:

1: To feel successful and accomplished with a career that allows me to run wild with my creativity.

2: To want to be a mommy....I want to want to be a mommy I just don't have that feeling of need to be a mommy....I really hope this happens because if not Natey could be super mad with me in the far far away future ;) (no mom nate doesn't want to have a kid either right not that's why I added to fars' in front of the future ;) love you)

3: To travel the world (yeah I know this is everyone's but I just love traveling and discovering!).

4: To be a great humanitarian and serve people around me...and animals ;)

5: This really should be #1 but to be happy is the most important goal I have ;)

I challenge you to do the same ;) its fun!! Have a great Thursday I know we will, off to graduation tonight and hoping that we don't freeze in below zero weather in good ol' Logan ;)! Love love

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We're graduating and it feels so good!

This week Nate and I both graduate! I am so proud of my sweet hubby, he is graduating with a double major, and an amazing GPA (pretty much he's a genius). Mine on the other had seems insignificant to his, he is such an amazing student and I am so happy he will be done for the time being....until we are off to graduate school wishfully in CA or NY!! I love you schweetie you are amazing!!

Having graduation this week has really got me thinking...I loved my schooling! It was such an amazing experience for me, it allowed me to express my creativity in a way I never had before, also it allowed me to challenge myself to push farther and to be the best student I could be. I miss and think about it everyday, I still have plans to continue on to complete an interior design degree. Its hard though right now between getting stable here with moving (who knew that just moving locations would affect your bank account so much!) so the money just isn't there but I will get there I will make sure of it! I need to learn to be proud of my accomplishments it is so out of my character to think I really did something of worth (sorry this for sure is not a pity party just the truth!) because I worked my big behind off to get here so GO ME!

On a so much lighter note why in the H is the USU graduation ceremony at friggin 10 Logan! We have to be in Logan by 9:30 to make sure we have tickets, and I think that Nate has to be there a whole lot earlier then 9:30....BOOOO USU! That is far to early to be waking up on a Saturday...naps will be made mandatory! Wellf friends wish us luck! Love love

Monday, December 7, 2009


I slept on the couch night before last because I couldn't find the remote to our TV upstairs....thought you should know ;)

Love love

Dear Santa

Dear Santa:

I think I have been remarkably good this year and am willing to barter the next five years of excellent behavior for this:

(Audi Q5 SUV in Deep Sea Blue Pearl)

Not only do I want this car...but I need this car! I almost died multiple times on my way to the BFF get together Saturday! Now Santa, my hubby Nate who is usually on the naughty list...I am sure you have heard of him ;) JK, but he won't ever..EVER let me get a brand new car! Yeah I know the car depreciates in amount right when you drive it off the lot..blah blah blah, so you see Santa you are my only hope of having this car and insuring my safety. Think it it out with the Mrs' I know its a big purchase and all, have your elves contact me soon so I know whether to sell my car or make proper arrangements with the morgue ;).

Love love yours truly,
Morgan V.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good....Bad....& The Ugly

{Clint made a pretty ruggedly hot cowboy...looks sorta like Hugh Jackman..if you're into that}

So just need to put some stuff out into the blog universe again..lets start on a good note ;)

The Good:

*We went to the dentist yesterday after 3+ years of not attending due to no insurance ;) we had NO cavities!!! Seriously I am still in shock! I mean to tell the truth many a moon ago I was suppose to go to the dentist to have around 5 cavities filled.....I was way mature and skipped out and NEVER had them filled! So the night before our appointments I was anxiety stricken I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I told Natey every 2-3 minutes that I was so so so scared to go to the dentist, ps: I had to take a xanex before I even went to the appointment just to calm down ( yes it was that bad and felt justified in taking it...very justified!) So when the dentist came in and sat beside my possessed chair and side table full of bloody floss (I am sorry tiff but I think that the hygienists and assistants get joy from causing pain) anyways back to the dentist he sat next to me and said your teeth look GREAT!!! I thought I was having some very cruel prank played on me...he was serious though! He said that some of the previous cavities I may have had re-mineralized or whatev. For real the big guy upstairs was so looking out for us!

* We got our new laptop yesterday! Its so so amazing! I don't have to sit all alone in that little room staring at a box elder bug that has become my new bff....I haven't seen him in a couple days so I hope that he's not dead...if so R.I.P. Boxy.

The Bad:

Thrifty Thursday wasn't as thrifty for me this week....come to think of it it was a major let down! I was at my local DI and spotted out of the corner of my eye these gorge Carlos 4 inch platform shoes, immediately when I saw them I planned out the most perf outfit to go with them for graduation next week. So I sit down to try them on...I didn't even bother to look at the size because I was so fearful of them not being my size! There I was slipping my foot into the most amazing shoes I have ever found at the DI, and guess what?!! The totally fit!!! I then turned them over to see the condition they were in and they were MINT!! I was beside myself with happiness, while I was checking out their condition I noticed the price tag.....$15.00.....ok in the real world this would be a screaming deal but this is the thrift world and I was not about to pay 15 bucks for these (yeah yeah I'm cheap I know). I then went on a quest to muster up the courage to ask a manager if they could lower the price, I mean the leather boots they were selling weren't even 15 bucks...throw me a bone here! After about 45 minutes of pacing I was determined to ask someone, I asked the first manager I saw......"Please lady I need these understand how it is right....please just lower the price to ten dollars....I will even send you a thank you card for your generosity! Ok so it didn't go exactly that way...she declined my offer before I could even finish my I put my shoes back on the rack and had to leave before I broke down and bought the shoes that lets face it I would wear once perhaps twice....but they would be the happiest times of my life I bet ;)! I was pretty peeved they wouldn't discount them I mean come on you got the shoes for FREE you're making like 1,000's of percents of profit here, and its the holiday season.....! Again Thrifty Thursday wasn't that thrifty.

* Well its winter ladies....I loathe winter and anything winter related. But alas I live in Utah for the time being and have to deal. I have been looking for weeks for leather or not cheap leather imitation boots at a reasonable price without a spec of suede/micro suede/or any suede looking imitation...The brands that I am obsessed with that make the boots that must adorn my feet are: Frye, Banana Republic, and Nine West.....none of them are under 100 bucks...which happens to be my price range....BOOOOOO winter I blame you for my misfortune!

The Ugly:

*Yeah I am pretty sure that I am the last person on earth that doesn't wear cute work out clothes. I mean I think the lady in the class after mine today with the velveteen capri leggings beats my faded red sweats and security one T. I just don't want to invest in any I mean I wear them for around 3 hours a week....perhaps if I find a super great deal on some I will cave...until then I am easy to spot at the rec center ;)

AHHHHH I feel sooo much better ;) thanks for listening/reading ;) Love love!

ps: sorry for beginning so may sentences with 'so'....not really though just trying to be polite for all my grammatically correct peeps ;)

pps: I know there are boat loads of other grammar issues in the post...again deal ;) xoxoxox ;)