Thursday, December 10, 2009


This came from my girly Kim's blog and I thought it was fun!

My 5 Random Life Goals:

1: To feel successful and accomplished with a career that allows me to run wild with my creativity.

2: To want to be a mommy....I want to want to be a mommy I just don't have that feeling of need to be a mommy....I really hope this happens because if not Natey could be super mad with me in the far far away future ;) (no mom nate doesn't want to have a kid either right not that's why I added to fars' in front of the future ;) love you)

3: To travel the world (yeah I know this is everyone's but I just love traveling and discovering!).

4: To be a great humanitarian and serve people around me...and animals ;)

5: This really should be #1 but to be happy is the most important goal I have ;)

I challenge you to do the same ;) its fun!! Have a great Thursday I know we will, off to graduation tonight and hoping that we don't freeze in below zero weather in good ol' Logan ;)! Love love


Kim said...

woo woo. great goals. congrats on graduation. :) love love love love you!

McAllister said...

Congratulations college GRAD! Now we need to get together and celebrate? huh huh? (elbow nudge). We miss your faces!