Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good....Bad....& The Ugly

{Clint made a pretty ruggedly hot cowboy...looks sorta like Hugh Jackman..if you're into that}

So just need to put some stuff out into the blog universe again..lets start on a good note ;)

The Good:

*We went to the dentist yesterday after 3+ years of not attending due to no insurance ;) we had NO cavities!!! Seriously I am still in shock! I mean to tell the truth many a moon ago I was suppose to go to the dentist to have around 5 cavities filled.....I was way mature and skipped out and NEVER had them filled! So the night before our appointments I was anxiety stricken I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I told Natey every 2-3 minutes that I was so so so scared to go to the dentist, ps: I had to take a xanex before I even went to the appointment just to calm down ( yes it was that bad and felt justified in taking it...very justified!) So when the dentist came in and sat beside my possessed chair and side table full of bloody floss (I am sorry tiff but I think that the hygienists and assistants get joy from causing pain) anyways back to the dentist he sat next to me and said your teeth look GREAT!!! I thought I was having some very cruel prank played on me...he was serious though! He said that some of the previous cavities I may have had re-mineralized or whatev. For real the big guy upstairs was so looking out for us!

* We got our new laptop yesterday! Its so so amazing! I don't have to sit all alone in that little room staring at a box elder bug that has become my new bff....I haven't seen him in a couple days so I hope that he's not dead...if so R.I.P. Boxy.

The Bad:

Thrifty Thursday wasn't as thrifty for me this week....come to think of it it was a major let down! I was at my local DI and spotted out of the corner of my eye these gorge Carlos 4 inch platform shoes, immediately when I saw them I planned out the most perf outfit to go with them for graduation next week. So I sit down to try them on...I didn't even bother to look at the size because I was so fearful of them not being my size! There I was slipping my foot into the most amazing shoes I have ever found at the DI, and guess what?!! The totally fit!!! I then turned them over to see the condition they were in and they were MINT!! I was beside myself with happiness, while I was checking out their condition I noticed the price tag.....$15.00.....ok in the real world this would be a screaming deal but this is the thrift world and I was not about to pay 15 bucks for these (yeah yeah I'm cheap I know). I then went on a quest to muster up the courage to ask a manager if they could lower the price, I mean the leather boots they were selling weren't even 15 bucks...throw me a bone here! After about 45 minutes of pacing I was determined to ask someone, I asked the first manager I saw......"Please lady I need these understand how it is right....please just lower the price to ten dollars....I will even send you a thank you card for your generosity! Ok so it didn't go exactly that way...she declined my offer before I could even finish my I put my shoes back on the rack and had to leave before I broke down and bought the shoes that lets face it I would wear once perhaps twice....but they would be the happiest times of my life I bet ;)! I was pretty peeved they wouldn't discount them I mean come on you got the shoes for FREE you're making like 1,000's of percents of profit here, and its the holiday season.....! Again Thrifty Thursday wasn't that thrifty.

* Well its winter ladies....I loathe winter and anything winter related. But alas I live in Utah for the time being and have to deal. I have been looking for weeks for leather or not cheap leather imitation boots at a reasonable price without a spec of suede/micro suede/or any suede looking imitation...The brands that I am obsessed with that make the boots that must adorn my feet are: Frye, Banana Republic, and Nine West.....none of them are under 100 bucks...which happens to be my price range....BOOOOOO winter I blame you for my misfortune!

The Ugly:

*Yeah I am pretty sure that I am the last person on earth that doesn't wear cute work out clothes. I mean I think the lady in the class after mine today with the velveteen capri leggings beats my faded red sweats and security one T. I just don't want to invest in any I mean I wear them for around 3 hours a week....perhaps if I find a super great deal on some I will cave...until then I am easy to spot at the rec center ;)

AHHHHH I feel sooo much better ;) thanks for listening/reading ;) Love love!

ps: sorry for beginning so may sentences with 'so'....not really though just trying to be polite for all my grammatically correct peeps ;)

pps: I know there are boat loads of other grammar issues in the post...again deal ;) xoxoxox ;)


Jamie said...

I'm glad you're back to posting! i love your posts/you

Kess said...

That DI worker is such a miser (or mizer, not sure how it's spelled) her heart should have filled with Christmas cheer and she should have just given you the shoes. I'm sorry for your misfortune my dear.

Brittney said...

My workout clothes (that I wear maybe once a month) :) are way ugly too. I'm embarrassed to wear them when everyone else looks so cute! So you're not the last person on earth. :)

Carrian said...

I'm sorry about your bad and ugly's, but your good stuff is truly good!! Our computer pooped out so we are currently borrowing one until we buy a new one. I hate that

Tiffany and Whit said...

We totally are mean on purpose! Just kidding. I miss my job:) I do like staying home more. Congrats on no cavity club.

Steve said...

K the secret to the DI... Ready to be slapped in the face with some knowledge! You peel the sticker off and replace it with a cheaper one. That's right 7/8 of the time it works perfectly! Now you have that whole morality thing going on but... The DI got that stuff for free and the nerve of them charging us for something they got for free. It's wrong! POWER TO THE PEOPLE FROM THE LAND OF BARGAIN SHOPPING! (Steve does not believe in stealing and all DI employees should rest easy tonight)..... Muhahaha