Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yes I am a TV Junkie

I have become addicted to this..........

I am sorry if this is wrong but loving it feels soo right! I mean I only watch it on TBS at night time so its edited but it is like my new obsession. I mean hello her last name is Bradshaw we are pretty much like the same person, they also have a wonderful wardrobe with amazing bodies, one word comes to mind jealous but hey I'll get there some day...if only in my dreams...that still counts ;). I like to live vicariously through them not the sex part just the city part. If you are interested tune in usually every night at 10 on channel 31 or TBS.

Also I wish that this existed.....

I watched the episode of 30 Rock that had Jerry Seinfeld in it and it was hilarious! I think I need to invest in all the seasons of Seinfeld I love that show and I never get sick of it at all! Also 30 Rock is way hilarious if you haven't watched it you need to its like the Office funny....well in my personal opinion. Enjoy!! Love Love

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Evils of the World...and Shopping!

I am sitting here at school not wanting to do a darn thing but pass the time with a blog! I went and saw Bride Wars with Christy Gerrard about two weeks ago and it showed a preview for this...

Confessions of a Shopaholic!!!
I looks amazingly amazing I can't wait to, A) Drag my husband to it, B) Go with my bargain shoppin Mom and Sis, C) Find a friend to go with me!!! I love Isla Fisher I think that she is so gorge! She is on the cover of Allure for February and I just think she is so drop dead she really pulls of the red hair and its so pretty I love love it! The one thing I have questions about is that she is with the guy from Borat.....I have never seen the movie but I heard that it's funny but I don't know she may be a little to cute for him, but hey they seemed happy in the pics of the magazine...which means its totally true ;)! The clothes for the movie seem so amazing I think that I would have an over kill of all the designer merch if I was on the set, I haven't been around too many real designer fashions in my day.

On another note...

Nate and I joined Netflix the other day and its so awesome because you can stream movies right to your X-Box instantly. They don't have like everything we've come to find that the selection is very random. I have rather enjoyed Beverly Hills 90210 the way old school one in its first season a ton. We have been watching a lot of Documentaries though, it sounds weird but I was really entertained by them, the ones we watched were:

Maxed Out was as you can tell about credit card debt, which scared me to death. If you are in debt or know someone who is in trouble with debt you should have them watch this it wanted me to destroy every credit card in the world! Credit card companies are horrible on the film they showed a man who was mentally challenged living with his mother and he would get credit card applications! Also they spoke with two mothers of college students (one student each) where on their first day of college like at the beggining of school week or welcome back whatever they call it where they set up all those boothes and you can receive free prizes for signing up for a credit card, well this appealed to their children and they began to use the credit cards and then the problem would get to the point where they couldn't make payments so they would open new credit cards to make a minimum payments. They finally told their parents what was going on and they felt so ashamed they ended up taking their own lives because of the stress. Even after their deaths they still receive credit card applications for their deceased children, saying how they have missed their business. One of the mothers said " I gave you the life of my child isn't that enough?" It was really eye opening to me and scared me a lot which I think was a good thing and will make me more cautious in the future in dealing with credit cards and debt.

This next documentary was about Wal-Mart and how it treats its customers and employees. This was also really eye opening and made me never want to shop at Wal-Mart again! Many of the Wal-Mart brand of toys and products that they sell at the stores or at Sam's Club are as we know manufactured in China. They showed the conditions of these working facilities and it was awful! The workers are paid 3 US dollars a day, they work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week! Wal-Mart takes out of the check money for utilities and rent for the dorms the workers have to stay in, the living situations there were horrible they had to share rooms with many other employees and they didn't have a shower or tub. Now yes these people don't have to work there they choose to but many of them that they interviewed for the movie were from small towns moving to a big city thinking they can make money for their families. You'd think Wal-Mart a multi-billion BILLION dollar company would make their accomadations better for the ones who are making them so rich. Wal-Mart also does not allow over time pay at all Managers were taught how to dock peoples hours so they will only reach 40 for the week if they were over they would either delete those hours or put them on to the next pay period, there are still many cases pending from employees that saught legal action. Many of Wal-Marts do not offer security cameras in their parking lot, on the movie they made a list of the first 4-5 months of 2005 and how many crimes were committed in the parking lots of Wal-Mart stores, the list was enormous. They again are a multi BILLION dollar company and they cannot offer security cameras and an officer to make sure people are safe after spending their money and leaving the store. The stores that did have the cameras and an officer regularly patrolling the area, they saw no acts of criminal activity. Now I'm not saying that I'm not going to shop at Wal-Mart anymore but
I will limit it, I also will not buy anything that I think would happen to be made in China, that also goes for many other stores since I'd assume their conditions are the same abroad. BUY LOCAL!

Alright that is enough seriousness for one day but if any of this stuff interests you you should watch them!! Back to school I go Love Love

Monday, January 19, 2009

I've been thinking...

I have some questions that I can't seem to find answers for so I thought I'd put them out into the universe and maybe the answers will come to me, or I'll just get over it!

1. Why won't my hair grow faster? I want it to be long and flowy and gorgeous
2. Why is it when I hit 23 I automatically gained 10 pounds...Why I have no clue is it a right of passage?
3. Where is my dog? Like did I get one one day and it just ran away without me knowing it? Or have I sadly never owned one?
4. Should I be a vegetarian? I mean I love animals so much sometimes I wonder if I am going against my standards for loving all kinds of animals and having a voice for them. Maybe more moderation is the key I mean I don't really eat like buckets full of meat maybe like 2-3 times a week, there is room for improvement there though.
5. I'm going to apologize to my sweetie before hand for this one I love you and I'm sorry! But why can boys only sleep on their backs? Its like their goal in life to achieve maximum volume levels of snoring. I think its embedded in their DNA or somethin'!
6. Why can't we have fresh ripe produce available everyday! I would love to buy some awesome fruit and make fruit pizza or have it with yogurt and granola but it just doesn't look appetizing at the store maybe its just my mentality of it being winter therefore that equals death and that nothing could possibly be growing anywhere during this season.
7. Why can I never find anything to where in my closet. I have loads of clothes yet none of it seems appealing....very strange!
8. Why aren't there people out there who will handle my bills for free? I mean I will provide the money if they will just handle the submitting I would love that! Paying bills stresses me to the ultimate.
9. Why do I hate drama in my own life but love to watch it on TV? It is so entertaining to me...that's all I have to say about that

I am going to leave my list at an odd number because that also is a weird thing to me why do I have to have things in evens? So that could be considered the tenth question if you must! I really am so blessed my husband is amazing I love him so so so much, he is such a great example to me and I live in a wonderful place and have a great family. These are just randomisms that are in rotation in my mind throughout the day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm weird

I decided that I am really strange I think it was yesterday, I was down at my parents house trying to wait out the storm so I could get home to my Natey and I was looking at dogs because I am just dying to have one. Now that really isn't that weird, well for me but I loathe planning things like my sweet husband can attest to this but yet I love planning the weirdest things for example: The names of our children (well the girls anyways boys are too hard to think of!), what order we will have them in, and of course our pets we've already picked the names which I will get to later. Yet I really can't stand having a planned out life like a schedule hour by hour of my day/week/month I have to have the feeling of being feel and not being tied down who knows how I've made it through life so far?! I mean I am responsible and comprehend the things that I need to get done and when I have to get them done by I just don't plan them. This is the complete opposite of my sweet husband and I am very grateful for his patience with me and teaching me how to be better in that aspect of my life. He is the sweetest boy ever in the history of time :) Now on to the fun part my future pets and children!!
This is Obi One Kenobi (boy)
Min Pin puppy

Chewbacca/Chewy (boy) Chewbaccanne/Chewlee (girl)
Dameranian full grown

And if Nate allows our little girls to have a cat her name would be
Princess Leah

Now I am not obsessed with Star Wars I swear I don't even think I have seen all of the movies I just really wanted to name my family's dog Kirby, Chewbacca and call him chewy! So that is what started the whole Star Wars theme ;)! Now my little future blessings ;)

First we'll have a little girl
Molly Morgan/Bonnie Bradshaw

Then a Boy we only have agreed on a couple names
Daxton or Camden Nathan Bradshaw (This is really isn't for sure boy names are difficult!)

And our adopted little Asian girl
Zoee Morgan/Bonnie Bradshaw

Now this is only in our imaginary world we will be completely ecstatic with however our life is suppose to turn out this is just the ideal ;)!