Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm weird

I decided that I am really strange I think it was yesterday, I was down at my parents house trying to wait out the storm so I could get home to my Natey and I was looking at dogs because I am just dying to have one. Now that really isn't that weird, well for me but I loathe planning things like my sweet husband can attest to this but yet I love planning the weirdest things for example: The names of our children (well the girls anyways boys are too hard to think of!), what order we will have them in, and of course our pets we've already picked the names which I will get to later. Yet I really can't stand having a planned out life like a schedule hour by hour of my day/week/month I have to have the feeling of being feel and not being tied down who knows how I've made it through life so far?! I mean I am responsible and comprehend the things that I need to get done and when I have to get them done by I just don't plan them. This is the complete opposite of my sweet husband and I am very grateful for his patience with me and teaching me how to be better in that aspect of my life. He is the sweetest boy ever in the history of time :) Now on to the fun part my future pets and children!!
This is Obi One Kenobi (boy)
Min Pin puppy

Chewbacca/Chewy (boy) Chewbaccanne/Chewlee (girl)
Dameranian full grown

And if Nate allows our little girls to have a cat her name would be
Princess Leah

Now I am not obsessed with Star Wars I swear I don't even think I have seen all of the movies I just really wanted to name my family's dog Kirby, Chewbacca and call him chewy! So that is what started the whole Star Wars theme ;)! Now my little future blessings ;)

First we'll have a little girl
Molly Morgan/Bonnie Bradshaw

Then a Boy we only have agreed on a couple names
Daxton or Camden Nathan Bradshaw (This is really isn't for sure boy names are difficult!)

And our adopted little Asian girl
Zoee Morgan/Bonnie Bradshaw

Now this is only in our imaginary world we will be completely ecstatic with however our life is suppose to turn out this is just the ideal ;)!


Tiffany and Whit said...

K for real I thought as a was looking at the pictures you were announcing you were going to have a baby girl.... Like right now.. That would be super cool and I would be jumping up and down for you and Nate, but I was really shocked! You would personal tell me before you posted it on the blog right?

Morgan said...

Of course I would and don't worry tiff I won't be happening for a very long time! You'll have two before I'm even pregnant!

Ariel said...

holy crap! 3 pets before any kids????? some of you girls need to start up the baby factory. my child will have no friend-cousins!

ps boy names DO suck, which is yet another reason i'm so glad i'm having a GIRL first :)

pps i WANT that kitty.

Jamie said...

Um, what's a dameranian? A pom and what else? It's cute! You better come Friday! I haven't seen you in 8 months! I could be with child big time & you wouldn't even know :)

Carrian said...

HAHAHA Cade made me sit through two of the star wars movie right in a row. now, I do like star wars, but i can't sit still that long, therefore I did not enjoy it. I can't wait to meet your little ones someday, but please no cat!! A dog will already kill me with allergies, but cats are worse! How will we visit???!!!

Ariel said...

and also... my sister has a min pin and it is INSANE. seriously the craziest, most hyper dog ever. so i hope you get a nice calm one :)

Carrian said...

How were the Napoleons?