Sunday, October 19, 2008

Biggie Sized

This blog entry is going to super huge I haven't put up new pics in a long time so bear with me ;) We'll first start with the new addition to the family ;) sorry it was a really lame joke but here he is!

This is Neeko "My Cousin" Rudolph

He isn't really my cousin my bro named him after some character on grand theft auto! He is so adorable even Nate likes him (jk honey love you!) He's a chocolate miniature weiner dog. He has been added to the loves of my life which include Bentley, Kirby, and Bebe.

Bentley being photogenic

Bentley and Kirby

I couldn't get a pic of bebe she is kind of a psycho kitty but I love her all the same! I love love animals I can't wait to have a pet of my own, although I am sure that Nate could do without but he is sweet enough to let me have a couple ;)

Moving right along to the place we call home. I love our townhouse its really nice and we live next door to my BF Tiff! What could get better I ask? Nothing! Here are some pics of our house they were taken probably a month ago and a lot has changed since then but you get the big picture.


Dinning Area

Living room

Living room





We also have an office and a half bathroom downstairs but the bathroom had some pretty awkward angles and the office isn't completed yet!

Nate and my Dad's birthday was so fun! We went to Tepanyaki opened presents and just chilled it was so fun! Here are some pics from the fun day!

Bradshaws+Welkers= the best time of anyones life! We had a date night with our good friends the Welkers (Lizzz you're pretty and much love!) It had been too long in the making thats for sure! We went to Le Nonne its this super amazing italian resteraunt in Logan if you haven't been you need to! Then we went back to Lizzz and Adam's to make carmel apples, the blob was the winner of the contest if you ask anyone. It was a super fun night thanks guys we can't wait to do it again!

Last but not least is the weekend with Breydee! My brother Breyden came up Friday night for a sleepover extravaganza. It was so fun we went to the Logan Zoo, who knew there was a zoo up here! Then we went to the batting cages but they were closed so we played on this super fun park, then we had dinner and made a spooky haunted gingerbread house, and the boys spent the rest of the night playing games. It was so fun having him up here thanks for coming Brey we love you!

Alright I think that we are now up to date! Thanks for tuning in guys ;) tah tah for now!