Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spiders have eight legs!

This is my first tag! Thank you bff lizzz for making me not so big of a loser!

A list of Eights...

8 TV shows I love to watch

1. LOST do not ruin anything for me I haven't seen like the last 5 episodes if you do I will hunt you down!
2. The Office, I wish that it was real life I would soooo love to work there!
3. Ugly Betty, I just finished season 2 yesterday and it is amazing I think it may even trump LOST I love how gio loves her Henry is so out its ridiculous Lizzz you really need to watch this you will love love it!
4. Anything on the Food Network I love! I am so weird I love to watch people make food.
5. The Hills I cannot believe that I have not mentioned this one yet I am obsessed I think that if I could be anyone on the cast I'd be Whitney she is the most legit one Lauren is a totally B, Lo is the Queen B thought, Audrina is just there she's goreous but just there ya know, and Heidi I like to believe that it is all real so don't rain on my parade but I could never be her Spencer is a total Dbag!
6. How Its Made yeah I know its weird I love watching how random things are made I know I'm a special breed!
7. Heroes we haven't tuned in the last couple weeks I guess I could be losing interest ;(
8. Seinfeld I love love Seinfeld!

8 things that happened yesterday

1. Slept in!
2. Went to school and wrote a forever long report on comparison shopping BORRRRING
3. Watched the rest of Ugly Betty ah Gio and Betty its so romantic I love love america ferrera she is so drop dead gorgeous I think
4. Read blogs
5. Debated whether or not to clean the house....I choose not
6. Ate almost a whole bag of Dill potato chips very bad choice on my part.
7. Had Smoothie King with Natey Island Impact with Fiber boosty it was way better than last time I loathe frothy smooties BLEQ! Natey was super awesome though he got the pomegranite one super good!
8. Worked out...sort I spent half of the time staring at the TV watching the instructor do squats I mean after like 50 I'm good no matter how you switch it up it still burns my quads and I refused!

8 favorite places to eat

1. Cafe Rio/Costa Vida depending on where we have coupons!
2. Arby's I love curly fries
3. Lorenas, I love love mexican food!
4. Osaka Sushi
5. Old Spaghetti Factory
6. Crown Burger! And I wonder why I am fat ;( jk but seriously
7. Hamiltons, their prime rib is DAH bomb
8. Wingers

8 things I am looking forward to

1. Getting a pet some day of my own....;( feel bad for me so nate will cave and get me a pet ;)
2. Seeing my family soon I hope
3. Bentley, Kirby, Neeko, and Beebs enough said ;)
4. Being Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World for Halloween
5. Being a Mom in like 5 years from now
6. Natey being done with school and doing something he loves to do and making us millions!
7. Seeing the world with my beeb
8. Kissing my sweetie when I get home from school!

8 things on my wish list

1. To never use my credit card ever again for as long as I shall live! YES for being debt free!
2. To live in New York
3. To have a ton of pets I swear sometimes I should be a vet
4. To be a cute mom
5. Maid, Butler, and Nanny services
6. To see NY Fashion week
7. Tour Europe with my Sweetie
8. To weigh 120 for the rest of my life ;) that will never happen ;( but I wish it every chance I get!

8 people I tag

1. Tiff
2. Carri
3. Mel
4. Heather
5. Jamie (I know you don't do tags I just have like no friends ;) love love you
6. Erin
7. Jenna
8. Lindsey


Keith and Heather said...

Hey! Thanks for the Tag it was fun! Hope to see you tonight for recipe night, it will be yummy!

Jamie said...

Morgan, Morgan! Ok to answer your questions. The Jensen's don't have a blog, she laughed at that question (she thinks older people don't have those) :) And we're going to Hawaii with the Jensen's and Ty's aunt's family. I'm super pumped!!
Also, you said there was an addition to the family. Ariel & I have a bet. It's either a goldfish or a dog.. But you didn't mention what the addition was :) So help me get off the edge of my seat women!

Liz and Adam said...

mmmm...I love dill chips. Let's not go to dinner tonight and just sit around eating dill chips together instead...think about it.

Tiffany and Whit said...

Thanks for the tag. I just did a tag and I think I should wait because I don't want to over do on my page, but I promise I will do it. I have never been tagged until this week! wow feel so special.

Cade and Carrian said...

MISS YOUR FACE!! Ok right now I am working and I am talking to a boisterous guy who is in ny...I was getting frustrated because he kept talking to other people and not listening to me. He finally said sorry hold on I am doing business. Then he proceeded to whisper about gucci, oh you want Chanel, I got some chanel what kind you want. Come this way quick." HAHAHAHAHA He was totally seeling. I thought of you

Tiffany and Whit said...

Hey are you dead!!! you never answer my text or my phone calls. I'm starting to think we are no long friends:(

Patty said...

Your halloween blog is so cute. I hope you are all doing well. Tell your family I said hi. Good luck in school.