Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Six Flags

Last week we took another day off to go to Six Flags Over Georgia with our friends Jason and Christy Gerrard. We were really smart because we didn't look at the weather before we went and ended up going on the (record-breaking) hottest day of the summer. None of us could really understand why we had absolutely no energy and why we kept blacking out on the rides until later when we heard it was around 110 degrees BEFORE the humidity factor (bringing it to a whopping 120 degrees), then it all made perfect sense. Despite all of that though, it ended up being such a fun day, and it was so nice to take the day off together. Because of the heat, we finally wised up around noon and bought this mug that you could refill at any concession stand for free all day. It ended up being like $14 for the mug, but we ended up paying it off about 30 minutes after we bought it by refilling it around six times, and then refilling it before each ride made the lines a lot easier to wait in. Ha, it was honestly no joke though, we all were blacking out on the roller coasters after each dip and then on Batman, I had to revive Morgan at the end of the ride because she was one spin away from full pass out. None of that can be good I'm sure, and after Batman kicked out butts we ended up taking an extra long lunch break to relax and recoup. Six Flags has some of the most gnarly rides though, making Lagoon feel like Cherry Hill, but if you ever go, beware the Ninja, it will own you. They don't call it the Ninja for nothing, after riding it I felt like I had fought, and lost, to a tenth degree black belt.

The best ride ever award was hands-down: Superman. This ride is unreal. It was probably the most fun ride I've ever been on. When you get on the ride you sit on a little seat and it straps you in from above so that you're feet are dangling, but then the ride raises horizontally so that you are parallel with the track above you and you are literally in flying position. The track is on your back and you are facing the ground and flying just like Superman. It was the coolest ride ever. If flying on your own was possible, it would be exactly like that ride.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2nd Blogger Debut

(This post is dedicated to my amazing wife Morgan whom I love dearly)

Alright guys, the moment that most of you have been waiting for (but not all of you, in fact, many of you probably have only been slightly waiting for this moment, and others of you have more than likely not been waiting for this moment at all, but regardless of how long you have been waiting, or not waiting, for this moment to arrive, it is finally here) I (Nate) am now contributing to the blog. I'm calling this my second blogger debut because I also contribute to the blog for the clothing line I run with a friend of mine called Sentimental Clothing. I haven't been pulling my blog weight as I should on that one yet, but I'm going to start making a lot more contributions. You should check it out if you feel inclined to, there's a link to it on this page.

Alright, so I'm going to follow up right where my lovely wife left off. The Dark Knight was incredible. If you've seen it, then you already knew that. If you haven't seen it, then you still probably already knew that unless you are totally against technology and news because everyone has been talking about it. If you haven't seen it and like intense, gangster-style movies (as I do) then go see it right now. Stop reading and go. Really though, it was so amazing and I can't wait to see it again. If anyone wants to talk more about it or discuss the movie with me in any way please feel free to hit me up on AIM : SentimentalNate (I'm always on because it forwards the texts to my phone) or send me an email : Nate@Sentimentalent.com.

Moving on, the next day after the show we went to the Georgia Aquarium (boasting to be the largest aquarium in the world!) and it was so fun. I'm going to throw up some pictures and movies we took in just a sec. There were penguins, whale sharks, seals, otters, and all kinds of other fish and sea life. It was pretty much the perfect introduction into the upcoming Shark Week on the Discovery Channel (If you haven't become acquainted with Shark Week yet, go to your local Redbox tonight and rent the special edition DVD they have there, it's NUTS!!!) Here are some pics, the last one was the best shot of the day, they had a very rare species of shark that can only be seen on extremely special occasions called the Morgan Shark on display and I was lucky to get a shot!

It was an awesome day and it was tough to see it end. I'll probably get on a little later today and throw up a post about our recent trip to Six Flags. We have some good pictures and stories of some of the craziest rides we've ever been on! It's good to be on here with my wife and I'm so happy she started one of these. Thanks for reading guys, we love to read your stories and hope you've enjoyed reading ours so far.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dark Knight

Ah I am so excited for tonight we are going to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight! The movie is going to kick off our day of fun for tomorrow! We're going to the Aquarium tomorrow its suppose to be the biggest in the WORLD! I am so excited I can't wait. Mostly I just can't wait to have a day off other than Sunday to do something fun with my sweetheart. So look forward to future pics from the aquarium!!! Love love

Friday, July 11, 2008

A day in the life of

OK so this goes out to my peeps in Utah which is all of you but who cares right? Anyways be prepared to be totally awed and amazed!

1. Wake up at like 10:30-11:00 give or take
2. Watch the Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel
I love watching that show because its in New York
And that's where I left my heart ;)
3. Decide whether I should lay out and or eat breakfast
4. I either go to the pool or get on Craigslist on the Computer
I love searching for Knock off purses ;)
5. Decide whether I want to wash my hair or not usually not ;)
6. Put some clothes on
7. I usually like to go shop but mainly I just like to get out and walk around
8. Then I go to work which I'm sorry its not going to make sense but SUCKS!
Now don't get me wrong I am so grateful that I have a job cause I'd go crazy!
My work day consists of sitting on the couch watching TV and answering the
Phone and being people's B! Seriously it sounds plush but it sucks I've gotten
So FAT! I like to move around a lot so office work just is not for me.
9. I get off at 10:30 that is usually when Nate gets off too. So we go home try to
find something to eat, watch the Food Network and then go to sleep.

I know its really exciting I miss home and miss my family and friends! And also my dogs Bentley and Kirby, even though they are my family's dogs I still consider them mine ;) but anywho that's a day in the life of yours truly. Love love, Me

Today is the day!

So today I found out some rather disturbing news I'm fat. Whether you believe me or not its true. I went and worked out today and decided hey how about I weigh myself....which looking back that was the stupidest thing that I could have done since I was on such a high from my awesome work out! I discovered that I have gained like 10 lbs out here in GA! I'd like to blame it on the humidity but that doesn't seem very believable now does it. So I make a vow right now to get in shape at the very least work out 3 times a week and eat healthy. I am sure that I will be writing more on this subject later since my day consists of sitting around the office getting fatter by the minute ;) Love love, Me

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Coca Cola Factory

We went to the Coke Factory yesterday with our friends Christy and Jason. It was so fun! Just a fun fact about Coca Cola it was founded in Atlanta GA by a pharmacist. We had a blast they had tons of coke memrobilia, a 4D movie, and a taste testing of a lot of the Coke products around the world. There were a couple of super gross ones, one was called the beverly, and the other was a vegetable soda from Japan yeah I know super nasty! We got a little bottle of Coke that they bottled there too its so cute! Also we got a magnet for our fridge that says hot dog and Coke, we like to buy magnets for our fridge whenever we go somewhere its a fun tradition we've started to do. I got this amazing charm bracelet it looks like a Tiffany's charm bracelet sort of but it has a round Coca Cola charm and then I got a little can of Diet Coke charm as well. Nate got it for me he's so sweet we just had the best time I can't say it enough it felt so good to get away from work for just an afternoon and spend time with my hubby!

On our way to the factory!

Cokes from around the world

Jason and Christy

The Factory

The 50's Coke girls

Me and Clark Gabel

The inventor pouring Nate a cup of Coke

A vending machine from Japan the Diet Coke's were tiny!

The Norman Rockwell painting thats worth $2 Mill!

Chillin on the Coke couch!

Trying all the Cokes' Yummmm!

The 4D movie was crazy!

Salt Lake City Olympic torch

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Ok so blogging is like really hard! I am so technologically handicapped. But we are totally stoked to be a part of this whole new world. Now if Nate were here he would have this figured out in no time. But until I can figure out how to actually add people to read this blog its like I am just talking to myself/the voice in my head ;) well anywho I hope someone is able to read this soon!! Love love