Friday, July 11, 2008

A day in the life of

OK so this goes out to my peeps in Utah which is all of you but who cares right? Anyways be prepared to be totally awed and amazed!

1. Wake up at like 10:30-11:00 give or take
2. Watch the Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel
I love watching that show because its in New York
And that's where I left my heart ;)
3. Decide whether I should lay out and or eat breakfast
4. I either go to the pool or get on Craigslist on the Computer
I love searching for Knock off purses ;)
5. Decide whether I want to wash my hair or not usually not ;)
6. Put some clothes on
7. I usually like to go shop but mainly I just like to get out and walk around
8. Then I go to work which I'm sorry its not going to make sense but SUCKS!
Now don't get me wrong I am so grateful that I have a job cause I'd go crazy!
My work day consists of sitting on the couch watching TV and answering the
Phone and being people's B! Seriously it sounds plush but it sucks I've gotten
So FAT! I like to move around a lot so office work just is not for me.
9. I get off at 10:30 that is usually when Nate gets off too. So we go home try to
find something to eat, watch the Food Network and then go to sleep.

I know its really exciting I miss home and miss my family and friends! And also my dogs Bentley and Kirby, even though they are my family's dogs I still consider them mine ;) but anywho that's a day in the life of yours truly. Love love, Me


Tiffany and Whit said...

I doubt you are getting fat. That doesn't happen to Morgan... I don't believe you. Hey we talked to our new landlord about getting you guys a place by us and right now they have one right next to the one we are moving into. anywho, i think whit text the number to Nate so you guys should call asap so we can practically be roomies again. Think of all the fun we could have. and p.s. I hear the ward is way awesome.

Morg n Nate said...

YESSS!! Yeah I think that nate called and they were going to call him back about what we can work out since we can't move in till next month ya know so we're totally lookin in to it! I can't wait it'd be so way fun I'd love that!! Ps I am getting fat it does happen I like sit all day its so sad!

Jamie said...

Do you love living in Georgia? Is it hot? We miss you here in UT.. I hope I recognize you when you get back :)
Love ya!

Morg n Nate said...

Jamie girl!! Ok so living in GA is a love hate relationship its fun at times but it gets really old sometimes too. I guess the fun part consists of exploring they have some really fun things down here like six flags, the world's biggest aquarium (which we are going to on friday) and of course the coke factory! How is home though? lets have like a big party when we get back or a big BBQ!!!! Ok so lets start thinking of themes ;) i miss you girl I hope everything is going good!

Tiffany and Whit said...

I so glad to have you guys live next to us. We really love our place. oh, did we tell you that we already moved into our. We in live in number 3 and I think you guys will live in number 2. I think that we should just put a door between the walls so we don't ever have to go out side to see each other. now that would be cool.

Ariel said...

i totally had a dream last night that i was on vacation in the bahamas with sean and my family and we ran into you & nate on the beach. and we hung out. it was fun! how i wish that was reality...

Cade and Carrian said...

like you could get fat whoremunger! I miss you. Come home soon