Friday, July 11, 2008

Today is the day!

So today I found out some rather disturbing news I'm fat. Whether you believe me or not its true. I went and worked out today and decided hey how about I weigh myself....which looking back that was the stupidest thing that I could have done since I was on such a high from my awesome work out! I discovered that I have gained like 10 lbs out here in GA! I'd like to blame it on the humidity but that doesn't seem very believable now does it. So I make a vow right now to get in shape at the very least work out 3 times a week and eat healthy. I am sure that I will be writing more on this subject later since my day consists of sitting around the office getting fatter by the minute ;) Love love, Me


Jeff in Layton, UT said...
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Jeff and Whitney said...

Hi friend! Im sure you are far from fat :-) Stop saying things like that or im going kick your bum! He he.

Morg n Nate said...

hahaha oh whitters if you only knew the south like adds ten pounds on to you once you enter it its super weird ;) jkjkjk i miss you we seriously need to catch up sometime way soon!