Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Six Flags

Last week we took another day off to go to Six Flags Over Georgia with our friends Jason and Christy Gerrard. We were really smart because we didn't look at the weather before we went and ended up going on the (record-breaking) hottest day of the summer. None of us could really understand why we had absolutely no energy and why we kept blacking out on the rides until later when we heard it was around 110 degrees BEFORE the humidity factor (bringing it to a whopping 120 degrees), then it all made perfect sense. Despite all of that though, it ended up being such a fun day, and it was so nice to take the day off together. Because of the heat, we finally wised up around noon and bought this mug that you could refill at any concession stand for free all day. It ended up being like $14 for the mug, but we ended up paying it off about 30 minutes after we bought it by refilling it around six times, and then refilling it before each ride made the lines a lot easier to wait in. Ha, it was honestly no joke though, we all were blacking out on the roller coasters after each dip and then on Batman, I had to revive Morgan at the end of the ride because she was one spin away from full pass out. None of that can be good I'm sure, and after Batman kicked out butts we ended up taking an extra long lunch break to relax and recoup. Six Flags has some of the most gnarly rides though, making Lagoon feel like Cherry Hill, but if you ever go, beware the Ninja, it will own you. They don't call it the Ninja for nothing, after riding it I felt like I had fought, and lost, to a tenth degree black belt.

The best ride ever award was hands-down: Superman. This ride is unreal. It was probably the most fun ride I've ever been on. When you get on the ride you sit on a little seat and it straps you in from above so that you're feet are dangling, but then the ride raises horizontally so that you are parallel with the track above you and you are literally in flying position. The track is on your back and you are facing the ground and flying just like Superman. It was the coolest ride ever. If flying on your own was possible, it would be exactly like that ride.


Tiffany and Whit said...

hey guess what our neighbors were moving out of your apartment when i went home for lunch!!! I can't wait for you guys to get to logan. one good thing about logan is that it's not so hot and they do have the cache valley fun park. mark that down to go with us. ha ha

Kim said...

im totally jealous. . . . i love you friend!! miss your face. cant wait till your back on the home front!!

Jamie said...

Morgan guess what! Ty & I are going to Lagoon this weekend.. That's similar right :)
Hope you are having fun in GA..
P.S. When are you guys moving back home?

Cade and Carrian said...

I hope you are still alive after riding those... remember Vegas?