Monday, January 19, 2009

I've been thinking...

I have some questions that I can't seem to find answers for so I thought I'd put them out into the universe and maybe the answers will come to me, or I'll just get over it!

1. Why won't my hair grow faster? I want it to be long and flowy and gorgeous
2. Why is it when I hit 23 I automatically gained 10 pounds...Why I have no clue is it a right of passage?
3. Where is my dog? Like did I get one one day and it just ran away without me knowing it? Or have I sadly never owned one?
4. Should I be a vegetarian? I mean I love animals so much sometimes I wonder if I am going against my standards for loving all kinds of animals and having a voice for them. Maybe more moderation is the key I mean I don't really eat like buckets full of meat maybe like 2-3 times a week, there is room for improvement there though.
5. I'm going to apologize to my sweetie before hand for this one I love you and I'm sorry! But why can boys only sleep on their backs? Its like their goal in life to achieve maximum volume levels of snoring. I think its embedded in their DNA or somethin'!
6. Why can't we have fresh ripe produce available everyday! I would love to buy some awesome fruit and make fruit pizza or have it with yogurt and granola but it just doesn't look appetizing at the store maybe its just my mentality of it being winter therefore that equals death and that nothing could possibly be growing anywhere during this season.
7. Why can I never find anything to where in my closet. I have loads of clothes yet none of it seems appealing....very strange!
8. Why aren't there people out there who will handle my bills for free? I mean I will provide the money if they will just handle the submitting I would love that! Paying bills stresses me to the ultimate.
9. Why do I hate drama in my own life but love to watch it on TV? It is so entertaining to me...that's all I have to say about that

I am going to leave my list at an odd number because that also is a weird thing to me why do I have to have things in evens? So that could be considered the tenth question if you must! I really am so blessed my husband is amazing I love him so so so much, he is such a great example to me and I live in a wonderful place and have a great family. These are just randomisms that are in rotation in my mind throughout the day!


Ariel said...

don't worry, my hair doesn't grow either. like at all. i think it will never again be as long as it was in high school. not that it even looked good then. blech.

and i feel for you on the back-sleeping husband. holy crap! WHY WHY WHY???!!! it will literally wake me out of a deep sleep! but i just shove him and he moves :)

Tiffany and Whit said...

I don't know why you want your hair to grow, it's at the perfect length, i wish mine was that long. A word of advice don't go vegetarian then your hair will never grow! About your closet, I totally know how you feel. I stand there and stare into my closet everyday and think..... I need to get something new. It drives
Whit nuts. Guys just don't understand.

P.S> Thank you Nate and Morgan for your very generous gift! We loved it! We couldn't ask for better friends or neighbors! We love you guys.

Jesse & Katie said...

haha i like this. I often wonder a lot of the same things. I don't like drama in my own life either!! I want to understand why it has to be there. ugh!! lol And I totally hear ya on never having anything to wear - even with a closet full of clothes! haha