Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa:

I think I have been remarkably good this year and am willing to barter the next five years of excellent behavior for this:

(Audi Q5 SUV in Deep Sea Blue Pearl)

Not only do I want this car...but I need this car! I almost died multiple times on my way to the BFF get together Saturday! Now Santa, my hubby Nate who is usually on the naughty list...I am sure you have heard of him ;) JK, but he won't ever..EVER let me get a brand new car! Yeah I know the car depreciates in amount right when you drive it off the lot..blah blah blah, so you see Santa you are my only hope of having this car and insuring my safety. Think it it out with the Mrs' I know its a big purchase and all, have your elves contact me soon so I know whether to sell my car or make proper arrangements with the morgue ;).

Love love yours truly,
Morgan V.


Kess said...

hee hee you crack me up !! I hope all your Christmas wishes come true and you get that beauty ;)

Kristy and Dave said...

Dave won't ever let me get a brand new car either. Geez husbands. Isn't our happiness important!? :)

Thank goodness for Santa. Hope you get it.