Friday, September 18, 2009

It's been a long time..I should've left you!

wow ok this is the catch up to speed post, so sorry it has been crazy for the bshaw family the past month. so much has happened!

items that will be featured and discussed:

1. mesquite family reunion
2. tiff's shower and blanket making
3. graduating and various school projects
4. craft night with the bshaws
5. the big move to the big city ;)

#1 let us begin with the annual mesquite family reunion shall we? it seems like forever ago since we went but better late than never right? we had a super great time, a big shout out to my mom for being so awesome and letting us stay with her, and for letting us blot her bingo cards for her. ps i won bingo twice baby $50.00 went straight to my momma! we also ate at the famous seafood buffet and ate crab, lobster, and chocolate dipped churros to our hearts content!

happy as a clam ;)
steve a little too into the crab
this actually looks kinda gross now that i think about it
breydee with his ice cream..looking awfully suspicious
too much seafood doesn't do a body good!

#2: tiff/lil b's baby shower! i had an absolute blast planning tiff's shower! the shower was a garden party theme, i made center pieces, paper lanterns, cute napkin holders, lots of decorations, and paninis! also i made tiff a baby quilt for her cute little one, i think it turned out adorable! it turned out so well i am making my cousin mel's twins their bedding for their cribs! i am so excited (pics will follow once i finish them!).

putting the quilt together
don't mind my big belly in this shot ;) (wish i had the excuse that i was pregnant not for wanting a baby just for the big belly situation)
the finished product!
the girls and ash ;)
making bibs for lil b
the decor (i would've taken more pics but i wouldn't give up holding lil ash!)
tiff opening the quilt!me and lil ashtypical erin ;) jk love love you
#3: graduating school was so sad i miss everyone there and getting my daily dose of interacting with humans besides nate (since i work at home on the computer i just mainly interact with it...sad i know). i took some final pics of the projects i left up there and slaved over might i add ;). hopefully i can go back and visit really soon! ps these projects believe it aren't even the tip of the ice berg of all the projects i had to do there is way way way too many to even put on here!

ysl shopping bags for designer report
european visual merchandising display
perfume packaging and bottle project (this took forever! i spent many a days with an exacto- knife slaving over this project!)

sorry for the crappiness that is this pic! it's the free gift with purchase for my perfume project it is a tube of lipstick that actually is a small vial of the perfume! genius i know
magazine ad for perfume project
bf kandace not letting me take a pic of her!
bf kandace, colette (teacher), kadee (teacher)
#4: a couple weeks ago nate and i decided to make crafts one night for something to do. so i went to my fav store hobby lobby and got a jewelry box for me to decorate, and nate got a B for our front door to decorate. it was way fun being able to be creative with my hubby, i think that they turned out just great!

#5: thanks for hanging in there till number five! well we no longer reside in logan! we moved to bountiful about two weeks ago and are loving it. nate received a job offer with a company called zaag, they make the invisible shield for electronic stuff. he and two of his friends were hired to work on a secret project they have yet to release yet, i pretty much work and decorate our house at the moment, looking forward to starting school again in the spring, also i am looking forward to having a replenished bank account so i can get a membership to the bountiful bubble and work out...i need it lets just leave it at that! all in all we are happy campers and would love any and all visitors ;)

ah if feels good to get that all off my shoulders! thanks for hanging in there again it was long but well worth it right ;)! more is to come like nate turning 25 in a week and a half! stay tuned for that ;) love love


Carrian said...

wow... thanks for telling us you are so close! I'm silently crying in our room now.

Kess said...

congrats on graduating Morg ! Your projects look awesome !!

Tiffany and Whit said...

That was way hard to hang in on the way long post. I'm so busy now I hardly had the time to read it just kidding! Thanks for stopping by yesterday, it was fun to hang out. miss you

Jamie said...

I need to come see your new place asap. Now that you're only 1 hour away i think i can manage that!

Liz and Adam said...

the projects look AMAZING! I am proud! Also the blog looks freaking cute, and also you are pretty.

Nathaly said...

I didn't know you guys moved! The Bishop should have made you give talks :)... or did you and I happened to miss church that week? Anyway, it's great you guys are doing good. Congratulations on your graduation! Those projects looked really cool. I wish I was at least half as creative as you are, but I'm a science nerd instead. oh well. :)