Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Blah....this is how I feel I am not sick or feeling ill in anyway. I am so bored with my life as it is right now. I won't get into too many details since many of them include stuff from my so-called "Professional" life. I mean many of you know I work from home and I am so very happy that I have a job and it truly is a great one, its just hard not having human all! Since Nate said that I HAVE to work...even if/when he hits it big I guess I have to come to terms with it, I guarantee today won't be the day that I do. But I mean come on can't wife be a full time job? Granted it is a crappy one, really you are more of a volunteer, you receive no compensation for doing endless loads of laundry and hours of cleaning. There are slim to no benefits other than the occasional thanks for scrubbing the crusty dishes compliments. Honestly it sounds like an awesome gig to me right now, call me lazy or whatever you want...I have hit a wall and I am not sure when I will be able to climb over it (yes I can be serious ;). Yep Blah is the perfect word of describing Morgan today...hopefully tomorrow will be better/or a miracle happens and Nate becomes a multi-millionaire and I can convince him that being a Wife full time is where I should be ;)!

ps: If you know of anything where I can have a creative outlet and make moolah/a job let me know!

pps: I didn't bother putting up a pic on this entry because I thought it was very fitting of my Blah mood.

ppps: Wish me luck on having a better day tomorrow ;)! Love love


Ariel said...

blaaaaah. i feel the same way today. i got like 8 hours of sleep last night and i still can't seem to keep my eyes open today. and it's 4:10 and i haven't showered yet. and i just ate a 3 inch thick "slice" of pumpkin bread :)

um we didn't end up going to the movie because jamie's lame boss kept her at work until 7:45. but we did go to dinner and it was fun. we should for sure do a lunch date. and a favorite things party.

p.s. what is a favorite things party?

Liz and Adam said...

My darling Morgan...I UNDERSTAND how you feel! I only wish I lived closer so I could take you away from that computer! It will get better! LOVE YOU