Thursday, October 22, 2009

The pop in!

Have you ever had the Relief Society Presidency do an un-announced pop-in visit? Well as of last night I have! It was around seven thirty pm I had just finished making me some whole wheat tortellini and garlic bread and was sitting down with my sweetie to a dvr'd episode of the best show ever Seinfeld!! When there was a knock at the door.....hmph maybe its our landlord and she wants more money out of us....perhaps? this wouldn't be the first time. So then Nate proceeds to get up and open the door while I sat eating my tortellini, in my messy disgusting house (Saturdays are for cleaning right?), thank goodness I hadn't gotten into my sweats yet and de-bra'd or I would have been in big trouble! So back to Nate opening the door, I hear two ladies and they said is this the Bradshaw residence? Nate said yeah it is I am Nate what can I do for you? They said we are here to visit your wife, Morgan. I was thinking to myself as they said that....uh where was my phone call to tell me you were coming over??? Where was my buffer time to straighten my house up and at least to put some mascara and blush on???? So there I was in the stuck in the middle of a pop-in (ps that is another Seinfeld phrase...I tried to find a pic or clip but it was a bust) with the Relief Society Presidency....I started sweating profusely and was really nervous for some weird reason...I mean rightly so I was totally caught off guard with no make-up on, in a filthy house, and breath smelling like basil pesto and garlic bread. To make matters worse they wanted to take my picture so they have a name with a face....UH hello can we go back to the no make-up!! I mean first you show up at my house without a phone call and now you want to take a no make-up picture? That is just askin' a little too much...too too much! So they proceeded to ask me questions all the while they wanted me to fill out this survey thing...since anxiety had taken over my mind, it was difficult for me to carry some sort of awkward conversation and fill out this getting to know you hoop-la. I couldn't tell ya how long they stayed it was like one of those car wreck scenarios. All in all they were nice ladies, just next time a little heads up would be nice mm k ;)!

ps: Happy Thursday! This day couldn't have come any sooner for me I am dying for my Cafe Rio salad and shows with me sweetie ;)! Love love


Trent and Erin said...

AWKWARD!! At least I never did that right? Didn't I at least tell you we were coming over? I can't remember but it sounds like me to just drop in too ;)

Tiffany and Whit said...

This is totally random but talking about your apartment they are doing a totally overhaul on your old place... I'm not totally sure what is happening but they are loud. They wake us up in the morning and I can hear them over there all day. I'm thinking they are putting in tile and new carpet and completely repainted the whole thing. Aren't you glad they decided to care for it once you leave? I'm sure they will do the same thing once were gone too. It would be too much to ask for them to take care of something while someone lives in it right?

Jamie said...

Oh, man! I totally dread drop ins. To tell you a secret I don't answer the door "What you knocked, I must have been in the bathroom :)"

You did well though! Go Morgan.

Nathaly said...

I am trying to catch up with people's blogs and I had to leave a comment on this entry. I have to say I laughed more than once with this post. I was imagining your anxiety as you described your ordeal. I would have totally freaked out too.

The other day the Bishop stopped by the house quickly just to drop off a flier and I was already on my going-to-bed look and I couldn't bring myself to even completely opening the door. I apologized but there was no way I was going to just stand there (de-bra'd) and have small talk!