Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I am so so excited that tomorrow is Halloween I can't even express my giddyness in this post!! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays EVER! I love getting dressed up and pretending to be someone else for one night. Nate and I's costumes are pretty sweet I must say!

Here's a clue:

For Halloween to be successful it must have all of the following for me:

Isn't Hocus Pocus the BEST EVER! I mean really it is the perfect Halloween movie. My earliest memory of this movie was watching it after I got home from trick-or-treating with Kristy and Whitney and sorting my haul of candy while wanting to be Sarah Jessica Parker and singing my own version of her hypnotizing song!!:

Come little children, I'll take thee away
Into a land of enchantment
Come little children, the time's come to play
Here in my garden of magic

Seriously what little girl didn't do that....? Maybe I was the only one ;)! I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and gorge out on all the candy you can! Love love


Liz and Adam said...

OK it JUST dawned on me that that is SJP! I can't believe myself. I also can't wait to see those costumes. LOVE YOU YOU'RE PRETTY...

Tiffany and Whit said...

Oh cute you and Nate are going to dress up! I'm so excited for Halloween too!

Jamie said...

Can't wait to see your pics. I hope you were Nyota

Kristy and Dave said...

Oh my I'd forgotten about how we watched Hocus Pocus together - that is awesome! We should have a reunion and watch it again next year. It really is a classic.