Thursday, October 8, 2009

Love Loves!

lately i have been infatuated with many things that i feel so inclined to share with my blogging world/i am bored and need a break from work :)!

#1 has to be decorating, moving always gives me the urge to decorate!

#2 over-decorating, now i don't think this is necessarily a good one but i really can't help myself. i don't think i would do good with minimalist designing! i want a nick nack and a paddy whack on every free space in my whole house. i draw the line at doilies though...that line should never be crossed.

#3 i have to attribute my over decorating to my new found love of the D.I. let me say first off before you judge me i challenge you to come to my house and tell what i did and did not purchase at the D.I.! i have been in a huge purchase and refurbing stage right now! ps: isn't refurbing fun to say?

#4 i am so in love with the color combo mustard gold yellow and grey. I have been searching the internet for days trying to find the perfect sweater in just the right hue! ( hue is such a designer word to say don't you think?)

#5 berets! i love love these ones from forever 21!
{would it be weird if i bought this fedora from urban outfitters? i seriously think a may!}

#6: would have to be the real housewives of atlanta, and i am so not ashamed of looking forward to this coming to on demand every friday! i however refuse to watch it with nate he just doesn't get it, it's my ME time show just like glenn is his him time show ;) love you sweetie!

#7 fall colors. my whole downstairs of my house is done in burnt orange, mustard yellow, deep cranberry red, and army green. i absolutely adore it!

#8 would have to be the vinyl boutique down the street from my house, this can probably co-inside with the whole over decorating.....its an addiction really ;)!

#9 culligan fresh drinking water! the water in b-ful is ubber nasty!

#10 edamame (soy beans) individual packs from costco! my mom turned me onto these and i have never looked back. i usually have one a day for lunch with tons of salt!!

#11 getting my hair done in a long hippie layered dark/chestnut brown colored combo, perhaps like this but with a bang?:

{also wouldn't a fedora look completely awesome with this hairdo?}

#12 coming up with new business ideas with mom and sis! be looking forward to those!

#13 pantene pro-v beautiful lengths conditioner and mask. i haven't decided if this just has a placebo effect or if it really makes my hair feel fuller,healthier, and longer! either way no complaints here i love it!

i think 13 is a great number to end at, thanks for letting me rant and rave! now i am off to get the lunch of a champions: diet pepsi and edamame {i was up so late working last night the caffeine is a must right now!} love love


Jamie said...

I want to come see your place and see if it really is OVER decorated :)

Liz and Adam said...

Edamame is my fav! I put SO much salt on it too! Also, I am going to try that shampoo because your hair is definitely longer and more gorgeous than ever...and I'll pretty much do whatever I have to to be just like you.

We are coming down next weekend. Caramel apple reunion?'re pretty

Tiffany and Whit said...

I need to come and see your place and see what you have done different with this apartment. I think we are going to make a trip later in the month so we might just stop on in. I;ll let you know. plus I need to return your baking dish