Monday, November 9, 2009


This is my drug of choice:

I promise I think that they put crack in this stuff! Now I know I have blogged about Nutella before and its probably getting old...just deal ok! I really have a horrible addiction to this stuff, I find myself thinking about it ALL the time. But once I partake of some of this wonderful spread, happiness fills my entire being, but once I seal up the jar and place it back in the cupboard I immediately feel so disgusted with myself...hence my conclusion that this stuff must have some sort of drug embedded in the creamy goodness probably crack crystals posing as sugar or something.

Today is the day that I come clean/sober and vow to never purchase and or partake of this creamy chocolatey goodness ever again. After I publish this post I will go and take my last "hit" and dump a ton of water in the jar thus not tempting me to get the jar out of the garbage....yes I would probably do that the addiction really is THAT that pathetic!

Wish me luck....Love love


Clay and Jenna said...

Well if you ever want to make a frosting with's the recipe. Its DELICIOUS!!

Jamie said...

i hope you made your last hit a good one :) Good luck morg!!

Rob and Sharon said...

Hey . .

Got word from Tiff and Whit you MOVED!!!

I knew Logan was not the same when Sharon went up to visit them a few weeks ago.


Ariel said...

i will never give it up.