Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Throw me a friggin bone here

I am a little upset today that I never win any of these blog giveaways....some how even though the winners are picked at random I think that the whole thing is rigged. I mean I enter and enter day, after day, after day and for what? NOTHING! I mean is my blog not popular enough to win a giveaway or something? Umm...hello friends don't just grow on trees, I am sorry I'm not COOL enough to win your stupid giveaway! I mean would it be seriously too much to ask for a small parting gift....please?

(Wow sorry, but this rage about giveaways has been building and building for quite sometime and I just needed to release it here in the blog universe).

Well I hope that your luck is much better than mine ;), Love love.


Ariel said...

keep entering! i won once! you can too!

Jamie said...

I haven't one either. I kind of like to boycott the whole thing :)

Jamie said...

Remember girl cott :)