Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On my mind

I have several things on my mind today that I would really like to get off my chest!

1). Trying to find time to start up my new boutique:

Meet Virginia

Which will feature in the beginning hand made trinkets and hopefully grow into a full fledged free standing store. It has always been a dream of mine to have my own boutique, I realized a couple weeks ago while wandering in and out of some super cute stores on Main St. in Bountiful with my hubbs that this is really the path for me.
Now lets get to the consuming my mind part: HOW do I do this? I mean this is a pretty big task and I don't want to fail, I HAVE to be successful. So I have the drive its just stressful trying to make it all happen....lets face it I deal with stress just as well as I love jumping into a body of water from a high elevation...(falling period is a huge HUGE fear of mine but falling into just HORRIFYING to me)! Good thing my hubbs is so business savvy! Stay tuned for the Meet Virginia Blog store..coming soon...I hope!

2). I want these oxford inspired shoes from F21... now I know I may get some flack for this but I really can't stop from having these shoes keep replaying in my mind (this is a sign a should purchase them right)?

I mean really wouldn't they look superb with a simple black sheath dress, gold cardigan, and grey tights? I think so, also I have noticed that my sense of style has really come back since living in a more urban environment. I sadly thought it was lost forever since moving to Logan, but now I realized that that hick town only suppressed my fashion creativity! It feels good to be getting back to my old self ;)!

3). My mom will be so disappointed by this one....I paid full price for a gold cardigan at Target last night....I am so ashamed. It wasn't even discounted slightly...but I had to do it! I searched high and low for a gold cardigan on sale an I never could find I did what I normally do and convinced myself that I NEED this cardigan...I cannot LIVE without it (much like I am doing with these shoes right now). So mind over money prevailed once again!

4). That time of the month is nearing...I can feel it. I have all the normal symptoms: wanting to eat Nate and I out of house and home, irritability, wanting to sleep for hours on end, and too many headaches to count. I mean seriously isn't it enough that we have to deal with this for 5-7 days a month but to tack on a week before where you might as well be as miserable as those 5-7 days? This whole time of the month has really gotten out of hand if you ask me! How about instead of giving me all of these pre time of the month symptoms, just send me a memo so I am aware mother nature is coming to my neck of the woods and wants to shack up for 5-7 days. (That could have been a little TMI but today I could careless I mean women post their birthing stories and how they massage their cervix and what nots so my post seems pretty PG compared to that!) ;).

Ahh I feel so much better, this post was very therapeutic! Sorry again for the TMI ;). I hope you all have a great Wednesday..Love love.

ps: I went to power tone class last night and my legs feel like dead weight! Thank you Janeen for beating my entire body to death, you're the best! ;)


Jeff and Whitney said...

You make me want to pee my pants with laughter.

Kess said...

Way to just get it all of your chest ;) I agree writing about our stresses can be very therapetic. Good luck getting Meet Virginia up and running, can't wait to see what it has to offer !!

McAllister said...

Morgan, you are so funny. I love your honesty, that is so true about people posting about how dilated and effaced they are. So I fully agree, your post isn't an over share. I mean what is the big secret it happens to half the population. I mean am right?

I wished we could of chatted more when you were over. I can't wait to get together again! oh our blog is

Have a good one!

Tiffany and Whit said...

I think you will do just fine with running your own business. You and Nate are going to be very successful!

Kim said...

um. i think that your meet viginia idea is brilliant! its so you!!!!! !!! i love you!