Thursday, November 5, 2009


So about every six months or so Nate checks up on the blog, mainly when he is bored or is genuinely interested...that is still to be determined ;) love you honey! Let me paint the picture for you what happened last night: I walk in from being brutally beaten at core fusion class, my quads are killing me from being in a perma-squat for 55 minutes (my quads, groin, and gluts will thank you later Christy but as of right now you suck)! So back to the story I walk in hauling bags of groceries with every muscle pulled in the lower half of my body and about ready to keel over! I decide to dredge upstairs to say hi to Natey and see if he wanted anything to eat (he had worked all day and had loads of homework so I wanted to be sweet). So I am on my way up the stairs...well.. trying to make it up the stairs with my jelly legs! I open the door to the office and there is Natey reading our blog...the first thing he says to me is: cardigan huh?
(ahhh hem what happened to hi sweetie how was your workout? Thank you for going grocery shopping, spending 15 minutes finding the perfect soup you know I would like, and what about all my funny jokes on this blog I mean for real I am hilarious!? For serious I know he really does appreciate that...I love you again sweetie!)

But alas he had read my last post about paying full price for the gold cardigan....wha wha whaaaa! I was caught.....RED HANDED! This solidified my shame and guilt....I mean of all the times to check in on the blog he looks at the confession entry...that really is just my luck. I am still keeping the cardigan is an investment piece (how sad is it that 20 bucks is an investment for me?). You know what? Even and when we make it big I still will probably feel guilty about paying 20 bucks for a cardigan, that's the way momma raised me! I am proud to carry on the legacy of the bargain shopper and she did a dang good job if you ask me ;)! Love you mom!

ps: I hope you all have a great Thursday! I know I will! I am counting down the hours till I am home from kickboxing with a HUGE Cafe Rio salad in my lap, my hubby at my side, and Survivor Samoa on the tube ( I can't wait to see what happens with the merge)! Love love


Carrian said...

Holy Moly, I cannot keep up with you. I need to read your blog more often so I am more up to date. Miss you tons and I totally wanna see the cardigan

Jamie said...

Ha, I love it. Ty RARELY checks our blog. And when he does I always get in trouble for making him look dumb. Like, you know, saying he's made me lunch etc :) Or Jamison will read something and tattle on me :)

Tiffany and Whit said...

Whit checks the blog daily or I leave it up so I try to be extra careful about what I write and I find that weird people I barely know read it.

Elaine said...

Hahahaha, that is really funny!! I'm sure he won't mind after he finds about the soup!

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!!! I find a lot of my thrifted items at Uptown Cheapskate in SLC. It's right by the Gateway which is pretty convenient because you can hit the mall AND this consignment store. And there's also a local thrift store down the street from us that I go to a lot but I get freaked out because it smells like old people and I always feel dirty going into thrift stores so I'm really not that good of a thrifter!