Friday, June 26, 2009

Help Part 2....Please?!

Sorry this is the last thing I will ever ask of my blog readers! Its another marketing question on the other side of the spectrum of life!

What factors influence you when purchasing a breakfast cereal? (ex: price, toys inside ;), nutritional content, or packaging)

Thank you thank you thank you times a million! I will thank all of you in my graduation speech by name (come on who doesn't want that?!). Love love!
ps: I will turn into this old man if you don't help me ;) and no one wants that


Armstrong said...

Hey cute girl. You are trying to make homework fun huh? I would love to help you. I don't buy a lot of cereal becuae Brad and I don't eat it much. But I do by it for Dylan. I try to get something that is easy for him to eat, has some nutritional value, and cheap because he may not like it. Hope that helps you out. Have fun with your research! Love, love, Chanda

Heidi said...

Hey, for our house we buy for nutrition, (whole grain cheerios etc.) I also am a sucker for brand name stuff. I tend to believe it tastes better even though I probably couldn't tell the difference. If there are two things that are similar than my third criteria is price. :0)

Nathaly said...

Oops! Hope I'm not too late to answer this one.... Nutritional content is my number 1 factor (whole grain, vit B 12, folic acid, etc) and price would be the next one.