Monday, June 15, 2009

Decisions decisions, and a summer time scent

As my graduation nears I have a lot of decisions to make where to go to school next. I have love love loved fashion merchandising and my teachers, but have found a nack for visual merchandising (that is like creating displays for stores and making everything look pleasing to the eye). I wish so so badly I could go to this school:

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

They specialize in visual communications but get this per semester it cost $20,000!!! Yeah ok as if I have that kind of dough hanging around. Hmphh so this is my dilemma I can't afford this school at all so what is next? I am thinking about going to the LDS Business College for interior design since I am thinking that will help support my display making interest the best I can. There is also the choice of going to SLCC for fashion design.....too many choices! I guess I will just concentrate on finishing school for now, T minus 2 months to go and I'll be done wahooo! Wish me luck!

On a lighter note:
I am ubber obsessed with this scent Bath and Body Works Coco Cabana, doesn't it just scream summer?!! They only have it during their summer sale so buy up while you can! I can't find the body spray anywhere though, by anywhere I mean in Logan the mall of course if you read my blog is the most pathetic thing known in the mall world. Anyway it is seriously THE best and I highly recommend it! Love love


Adam and Tara said...

My sister went to FIDM in LA, if you want info you should talk to her! I might have to go try that scent :)

Tiffany and Whit said...

20,000 is not a lot! just kidding. Who could even begin to ask that much for schooling? crazy. I love your blog. how do you write on your pictures, I think its really cute.

Jamie said...

I love coco cabana!!

Nathaly said...

I love that scent too! It reminds me of my beach weeks in Peru because it kind of smells like sunscreen... anyway, I am totally with you when you talk about "options". I wanted to go to med school because I thought that was my priority in life; now I am shooting for PA school because my priorities have changed. Now I have other "requirements" to fulfill to get admitted :P

Kess said...

I hate big decisions like that ! good luck girlie !!

Ariel said...

i bet you would like tahiti sweetie... also from b&b!