Monday, June 8, 2009

The bad choice reward and a gem

Let me start off by saying that Ariel said I needed to post more so this one is for you! I went to the gym today and did the usual routine, afterwards I went to go wash my hands to feel sterile and weigh myself as I usually do. To my surprise I lost one or two pounds I would like to lean more towards the 2 but it was probably only one, needless to say I was beyond ecstatic. I made the mistake of going grocery shopping we needed some good fruit and veggies and when we went to Wal-mart they all looked so Mcnasty, so I opted for Smiths. I got what I needed and headed to go get myself a ice cold Propel as I headed that way I went past the ice cream aisle, I have been craving ice cream all week but have refused since I have been trying to eliminate excess sugar intake causing the roll on my stomach to get larger and larger. I gave in to my sweet tooth after a week or more of refusing, I purchased a six pack of chocolate covered mint creamies, came home, ripped open the package, and inhaled one, also debated eating another but didn't. In conclusion I am now chewing 2 pieces of dubble bubble gum (loaded with sugar), a mint creamy seeping into my thigh, and on my way back to gaining that pound back, I can't say that I have missed you! Lets hope that Nate wants to take a walk on the wild side and eat the remaining 5 creamies in the fridge so I won't ;)!

On to a lighter note

Miss Serena
ps I stole this from Ariel's blog hope you don't mind!

I got to see my lovely ladies this weekend to celebrate Ariel and Kess's birthdays I swear it has been forever hopefully once I move out from this farmland I will get to see them more! But I was able to hold this little gem for hours after we went to dinner, she is so precious, it made me think for like a millisecond that I should have one to hold all day long, but then it was over and I went about my business baby talking Serena! I can't wait for the rest of the babies to get here so I hold them forever like I did this gorgeous little princess! I can't wait to do it again, hopefully it's soon! She is so pretty just like her mommy thanks for letting me steal her for like the whole night! Happy Birthday again to my girlys Ariel and Kess! Love love


Jamie said...

You should have a baby. jk - I'm depending on you to wait forever with me :)

Trent and Erin said...

You're so funny that you worry so much about stuff like that but also very disciplined not to eat the whole box...I would've. Maybe that's why my butt's doubled in size since I've been married ;)

Kim said...

sick. i hate creamies! !! feed them to the birds. love love love you!

Ariel said...

what the? i totally missed this post until now. how is that possible?

1. mint chocolate creamies are heaven.

2. i'm so glad you came down and got to meet the babe. she loves cuddling with her fraunts. {that's my made up word for friend-aunts!}

3. is erin seriously pretending that she has gained weight? tell me that's a joke.

Heidi said...

Hey Morgan, glad you found my blog! I have to say that the chocolate covered mint creamies are my weakness. Along with Baskin Robin's Ice cream cake. I have done a lot of couple's pics lately so if you ever want to play pictures let me know. Good to hear from you, looks like you are having lots of fun :0)