Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia on MY mind :)

We leave from GA to come back home on Friday. Its a bittersweet thing, I guess its like how I felt when we left Las Vegas last year. Where ever you go you can make it your home. It has been really hard being away from our families and friends this summer, but we have made new friends that we are so sad to see go. I'll miss GA, staying up late with my hubby watching silly shows, Christy and me making fun of all the idiots we worked with ;), the best shopping I've had in a long time, and not really having a care in the world. It's sort of like I would think coming home from a mission or something and having to get back into real life. I've learned a lot this summer and grown a lot too. I am glad in the end that Nate twisted my arm to come out here. He always knows whats best for us I really should know that by now, I love him so much and am so happy everyday he's my Natey ;)! But don't get me wrong the South is crazy though its just a different way of life, people are so friendly I still haven't decided if it is because of there accents or not ;) jk but seriously they really are sweet. It will be all worth it I know when we get back home I have to keep telling myself and I know it will, we can't wait to see all of you when we get back so see ya real soon!

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Cade and Carrian said...

COME HOME!! COME HOME! PS Where the heck are you? I haven't heard from you and can't get a hold of you!!!! loving you like peysie loves "Apple Bottom Jeans"