Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yes you should feel bad for me

I am livid with shipping things and all it entails! Ok let me start from the top I ordered Nate a new hat from Zumiez for our anniversary this weekend pictured here:
He has been wanting/needing one forever now, so I thought hey I am going to be like the coolest and order him one without him knowing since you can't find squat up here in Logan so that is exactly what I did. Well I got on my email the other day and I wanted to track the shipment so I went on their site to enter all the info and when it came up it said that my hat had already been delivered the previous Friday. Well uhhh I was home at the time the SUPPOSEDLY dropped it off and what do you know no at this point I upset because I didn't thing I would have gift for Natey. I called everyone Zumiez, UPS, Zumiez again, UPS again, well then I was forced to tell Nate since I was so upset and then he got mad and called up UPS and ripped them a new one, they said they would put a trace on the package and the delivery guy. Come to find out the delivery guy dropped off our package across the street at a different apartment. Uh hello that is not the address I gave them he said that he dropped it off there because he knew that a couple named the Bradfords lived there and associated BradFORDS with BRADSHAW and just thought he'd drop it off with the people who live next door to them......uh you're the biggest moron I have ever come in contact with! So we had Zumiez send another hat to the store in the Cache Valley Mall. I went to pick it up was a women's hat......! At this point I am at, currently is lividness not so much at Zumiez they were trying to help but at the moron D-bag delivery guy and those idiots who did get our package and didn't realize hey maybe I should take this over to the people who ordered it since this is clearly not my address on the front of the box or my name. But oh no that would be too easy UGHHHHH keep in mind they have had my package for over a week now!! I really wouldn't be surprised if the package over at there was something I didn't order at this point. I vow to hardly ever order things off the internet again. I would vow to never but I am not sure if I can keep this promise. Anywho feel bad for me ;) love love


Ariel said...

that is SUPER ANNOYING. did your neighbor just keep the hat? what is that about?? ordering online can be a HUGE pain. i ordered some wall decal things that go with my nursery bedding about 4 months ago. they kept sending me messages that it was on back order and i just BARELY got a message that they don't have it anymore... 4 months later. boooo.

Tiffany and Whit said...

I hate ordering things from the internet... I won't ever buy clothes just because they look way different from what you think they will be and they never fit and it takes forever to return it! The only time I will get something off the internet is if I can go and pick it up from the store so I can look at it right then and say if I want it or not. The same thing happens to us when we ordered an exercise machine, it was delivered to the wrong house and they had it forever. Something about the Logan UPS and our good neighbors! Super nice:)