Monday, August 3, 2009

Bear Lake part 2/Best week of the YEAR!

We went to Bear Lake this past weekend for 1. Juliann's Bday and 2. Raspberry days! I love it up there I wish we could have stayed longer :(. We went to the Bear Trapper in for Juliann's Bday dinner where Natey and I had crab, salmon, and shrimp! No worries we shared ;). Saturday we spent at the beach, and on the sail boat, it is so so pretty out there the water was so blue, and we saw fireworks! On Sunday we went to a way too early church and then nap and then more beach! On Sunday I made a new friend her name was Heaven and man she sure did love to talk, and make me mud pies with watermelon ice cream (the ice cream was more water mixed with sand not too complicated of a recipe!). It was a great great weekend I hope we get to go one more time before summer is over!

Happy Birthday!
My man

Hubba hubba!

Extreme close-up!

Raspberry Days fireworks!

Nate hiding under the camera sock

There he is!

Fish lips

Happy ;)

N+M 4eva!

Now onto the best week of the year....SHARK WEEK!!!

I first watched with my bro bff Stephen, then with my bff Kess, I wrote letters to Nate my bffe (best friend foreva eva) while he was in Florida for a summer about shark week, sooo needless to say I am in love with shark week! If you would like to be obsessed like me tune in to the Discovery Channel all this week!! Mmmk?! Love love


Jamie said...

Oh, I totally need to tune in.. When Ty was sick last winter he had me rent some shark attack movie. Whatever makes you feel better babe :)

Britt and Spencer Johnson said...

I think it's so great that you guys are into shark week! Spencer got depressed yesterday because we don't have cable and he realized it was shark week! So don't worry, we are fans too, sadly, we won't be able to watch :(

Kess said...

K I am totally sad, I haven't had time to watch even a single minute of shark week !!

Tiffany and Whit said...

I noticed your nice tan at church today! I'm jealous. and p.s. thanks for all the work your putting in for my shower, I couldn't ask for a better best friend!!!

Scott & Rach said...

Hey you two! I was just blog hopping and loved catching up with your adventures of late. I think the close ups are the best pics!