Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Wow long time no post! I really do have some things that I need to own up to...thank goodness for this fabulous blog ;)

1. I have eaten more baked potatoes in the last month, than in my entire life time. Why this is...I have no idea, I think I like that it is a whole meal in a little potato!

2. I love The Nanny...I DVR it every night and watch episodes I have already seen. I think it is hilarious...I just laugh and laugh and laugh, I mean what is funnier than an over 30 jewish nanny born and raised in Flushing! Oh and I am so not ashamed!

3. I don't know anyone that is more excited for this than I am!!

Oh Coach how I have missed you so much! And Russel I would watch out I don't know how long you will last!

4. The new Alice and Wonderland by Tim Burton really freaks me out! I promise I think it might give me nightmares if I ever see it.

Just a glimpse of Johnny Deppe as the Mad Hatter sends chills down my spine!

5. What I wouldn't give to have hair like this chick's HERE its so full and hippy-ish and lovely!

I am pretty sure that is good enough for now, but I do have to share I just finished this gorgeous top over at MV go HERE to check it out and get a tutorial on how to make your very own let me know what you think!! Love love.


Jesse & Katie Rindlesbach said...

i want hair like that too. no doubt hers is fake, but it's super hot!!!!

Kess said...

I'm with ya on the Alice in Wonderland. it just looks creepy.

Whit,Tiff and B said...

Way wrong way to make Alice in wonderland. I thought that it was a kids movie... not to have adults afraid to see it too.

Carrian said...

I'm so with you, Tim Burton's movie creeps me out too!!!

Armstrong said...

You know what's wrong with me when I start eating multiple baked potatoes a day??? I find out I am pregnant! You may want to take a test. Just my advise. Wish you the best!

Kerstin said...

sorry that i'm a random unknown blogger commenting (i found your blog from my sister mikens) but I AM defninitely as excited for survivor...
i ususally like to watch them on dvd after the season is over because i can't wait all week long but i can't find most of them on dvd!!! the hell that is my life :)
cute blog