Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Love Day

This year's Valentines was by far the best in my entire life! I have the best hubby anyone could ask for! We decided to celebrate Vday on Friday since we figured Saturday would be down right crazy to try and go anywhere to eat! We went to our fav sushi place in Layton and had some way good sushi and way nasty sushi! Ever heard of niro sushi....blick! First off it looks like skin that has be sitting in the sun too long ya know all wrinkly and tan? It comes out looking like a mini spring roll...I know sounds divine right? It does until you take a bite of it and realize its nasty tofu with rice on the inside, I had to hold back the vomit! The rest of the sushi was great as always though so we were satisfied!

After sushi we had a hankerin' for something sweet, Nate banned the idea of any baked goods so we went to Sub Zero for ice cream. Has anyone been there? It was too cool instead of having the ice cream pre-made they make it right in front of you using liquid nitrogen! We went with pistachio/our fave with graham cracker pie crust...one word...Heavenly!

We ended our night with re runs of the Office and Seinfeld.

This is where I thought my Vday had ended, and I was beyond satisfied (I honestly don't get too much into Vday) but was I ever wrong!

I went shopping with my mom and sis all day Saturday and when I got home my entire house was spotless and the laundry was done! I went upstairs to of course change into my sweats when I noticed this attached to a balloon and a card sitting on my nicely made bed!

Say hello to:

Chewy McBeeb Bradshaw

Isn't he the sweetest? Yes, I am aware that this isn't a real dog but its as close as I am going to get right now ;). I love my sweet husband and am so grateful for him and all he does! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines too! Love love.


Anonymous said...

That is so cute and sweet! Lucky girl! What is the sushi place in Layton?? We LOVE sushi and are always looking for good places.

Hale-O There said...

Nate is so awesome, I loved sitting in art/theater/one of our many classes together and just chatting away. He was a great advice giver and listener. Glad he caught ya!
Second-the way you describe sushi reminds me of why I haven't tried it;)

thermals under a bikini??? don't tell hollywood they might try it.

Whit,Tiff and B said...

Oh that's so sweet of Nate to do all that stuff!!! What an awesome husband

Elaine said...

That's so sweet! It sounds like you had a great Vday. Next time you're in SLC, check out Cafe Trang. After 5 pm, all their special rolls are 50% off! So you can get a vegas roll for $5-6. It's awesome. And it's really good too! We love that place.


Shaylynn said...

I love that you are happy with a fake dog. I would be devastated with a real one. A fake one might do the trick:)

Jill said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I love sushi and I hate when you run into some bad rolls..

mia said...

hi.. you don't know me but i just want to tell you that is really sweet of him :) have a nice day..