Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Natey!

Tomorrow is my Natey's birthday and he will be 24! I love birthdays and am so excited to celebrate another one with my Hubby and BFFE (best friend forever eva). He is the love of my life and makes everyday the best day ever!

24 I loves about my Natey

24. Nate always thinks how he can better someone else before himself
23. He is so smart I think he knows like everything!
22. Was how old we were when we got marrieds
21. He is a little kid at heart and I love that
20. He is so dedicated to anything he puts his mind to.
19. Even though its a pain sometimes he has incredible will power to be healthy which in turn makes me healthy!
18. I love his entrepreneurial spirit he is always looking to find a new way to do something.
17. He is the sweetest boy I have ever met. He knows exactly what to say when I'm sad or happy.
16. I love to hear him play guitar its so romantic and beautiful, he is so talented.
15. Which leads me into my next love he is so talented at so many things he is probably the most creative person I know.
14. I love how he interacts with little kids he is so sweet he is going to make a great dad some day to our 8 kids (yeah right he wishes!)
13. He tries to do it all which I really admire his will power which makes me want to try my best everyday because he does that for me ;)
12. He has such a strong testimony, he is amazing he is so knowledgeable about the gospel he has taught me so much.
11. I am so grateful everyday that he is my eternal companion. I couldn't ask for or dream of anything better he is perfect ;)
10. I love how he loves video games its the cutest thing when he gets all excited about a new game that is coming out like a kid a Christmas its so cute!
9. He is so friendly he seriously can make friends with some schmoe on the street and be their bff in a matter of five minutes. It's awesome it really helps me to break out of my shell a bit I'm pretty shy when it comes to meeting people and making new friends then after a bit you just can't shut us up!
8. He always knows what is best for our family and provides and takes care of me everyday
7. His growing love of dogs ;) that may have been a little forced on by me but he is so sweet and knows that I adore my dogs and I think wants to love them too....that could all be an act but
enjoy it. Tee hee hee I know you'll like this one!

6. I love how we can do nothing and it can be the funnest time just cause we are together.
5. I love how he has embraced my potty humor finally. ( I should say my immaturity I still think the word diarrhea is hilarious!)
4. He always gives people and situations the benefit of the doubt which I have learned from so much it just makes for a happier life.
3. His optimism is something I really admire I used to be so pessimistic Nate has really taught me that that is no way to live your life if you hope for the best it just seems to make you a better person and you have a happier life in return.
2. He is the funniest person I know his humor surprises me all the time like I know he is funny but sometimes he cracks some award winning jokes!
1. Ah last but not least is I just love Nate, if there is such a thing as soul mates I believe that we are. He is the yin to my yang, the butter to my bread, the remote to my TV, the ketchup to my french fry, and so on. He is my best friend and I am so grateful he was born 24 years ago and that we will be together for eternity I'm still not sure if thats long enough!

Happy Birthday my sweetheart I love you more than I can ever say! I hope you have an amazing birthday and a hundred more to come!


ClaysJenna said...

Happy Birthday Nate!! Cute post Morgan!! Darling!!!

Marci & Daniel said...

Happy Birthday!

Wheelers Wonderful World said...

Nate, I just found a picture from when we were like six I will have to scan it so I can show it to you it made me smile :) HAPPY Birthday... Do you remember when you gave me those inflatable lips for my birthday? I don't but My dad still laughs about that. If you don't I will have to tell you his version of the story its pretty funny. I think we were only like 4!

Tiffany and Whit said...

Morg, way to figure out the header thing! Will you please come over and help me. If you really want you can just yell through the wall and give me a step by step thing. whatever works ya know-

Cade and Carrian said...


Trent and Erin said...

How sweet! I almost cried a little. and ps diarrhea is a really funny word ;)