Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feliz Navidad Part Dos

We had such a great time at the Bshaws for Christmas Eve! We even made a special treat that we saw on Paula Deans cooking show, oh how I love the Food Network

Natey wearing his fav apron ;)

Us eating loads of butter. YUM

Me with no makeup and super excited!



Juliann opening our gift

Love birds

Cheesy ski mask face

This is frightening

Our new knife set!

Sexy ski mask face

Natey lovin his new thermals

Oh it is love ;)

Going to town on presents

Gunner with his new radio

Gagey with his cool Legos

I think this hanger was Gunner's fav!

Check out all those gifts!

Jeff capturing every breath on tape

Me anticipating the mayhem

Thanks Bshaws for another super amazing Christmas Eve it was sooooo fun!


Dream come true said...

the food network is the BOMB

Carrian said...

yum!!! What was the desert? Was it that jello cake or whatever?

Tiffany and Whit said...

I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Double bubble gum, Jon and Kate plus eight, and I need new knifes. Should have come to your Christmas. We should do a Jon and Kate night, that would be fun.