Monday, December 29, 2008

Feliz Navidad

I am sitting here at a quarter to eleven at night Nateyless it truly is sad ;(. Today has been a weird day so I decided to blog about it, I had my last day of work and it was soooo sad. Just thinking that I won't see my friends at work almost everyday and make silly jokes about how redonkulous Downeast is, and the sweet deals on clothes that we would get on a weekly basis it really is sad. I mean how am I suppose to go back to buying clothes for regular price instead of fifty cents an item? It will be a rough transistion for sure! I did start my new job today though, I am so grateful for it and it pays me a lot more! The set back is that I have to sit on the computer all day and my attention span is HORRIBLE! But again I am so grateful we are really blessed things could be a whole lot worse!
On a lighter note our Christmas was just splendid, stay tuned for pics. Our festivities included a fiesta Christmas Eve with the Bshaws, My Big Redneck Christmas and Christmas morning my house, me un-veiling my creative domestically crafty side to my mom with her gifts of a crosstitch of a chef and tapestry with coffee dyed fabric I did all by myself, Natey giving me the most awesome gift of being able to get laser hair removal (I have been wanting forever I will not disclose where but will let you know of the results), and last but certainly not least my mom elbowed me and gave me a black eye!!!!( On accident of course)! Seriously mom I know you will read this and I am completely fine and love you ;)!
We were completely spoiled rotten this year we are so lucky to have such great families and friends who love and care for us. We miss them already, I wish Christmas was a week long celebration kind of like hannukah but with still believing in christ. I am looking forward to the new year it will hold a bunch of new adventures for me and natey such as GRADUATING!, and if I can a pet! We hope that your holidays were as great as ours! Love love


Liz and Adam said...

Where is your new job??? I am heartbroken about D.E.C closing! It is truly a loss...If you are on a computer all day does this mean that perhaps we can because chatting friends again? Please say yes!

I want to see the crosstitch so bad I can hardly stand it! I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas...lets have some Welker+Bsham fun soon...sushi right??

Love love you...good luck at your new job!'re pretty

Dream come true said...

I love laser it is the BEST painful and expensive but totally worth it

Tiffany and Whit said...

Yes! you finally get what you wanted forever!! I wish I could get something like that. Good to hear things went so well over the holidays. Missed you guys while your were gone. It was very quiet in Logan during the break. It felt like it was only Whit and I up here. I didn't notice your black eye when I came over late last night? That Bonnie and her elbows! Just kiddin. Have a happy new year if I don't see you before then.