Monday, February 16, 2009

The big game and dah boyzz

These are long over due pics but my computer was not letting me upload them! We had a super fun time for super bowl as we always do at my parents house. My Mom and I made like way too much food it was all super tasty even though the Cardinals lost and Nate's Steelers won. He said he needed to cheer for them since Terry Bradshaw played for them since he was a Bradshaw and all, I just usually root for the underdogs its funner that way.Making the huge spread

Kirb beggin for some scrapes

Ben doing the same

Yummy Taco Soup

My cute Mom and Sis
Me and Kenz

Me and my Madre

Tough Natey

Steelers are #1

We took the boys back to our house for the week since my family was going to Disneyworld for the week. They were little stink pots though I mean just cause I love on them a ton whenever we come down they thought that they could walk all over me! The question that I kept asking myself was, "Am I ready for a dog?" The answer to that question was I don't think our apartment is ready for a dog, we have no yard! That is just cruel punishment for a pooch! But let me get one thing straight Kirby was really really good and was handsomely rewarded, Neeko although really cute and studly was not so good and was in time out atleast once a day. But alas I still love the pooches and Natey loved having them here too they got to bond and it was so precious! Here are some pics from our photo shoot:

My cute baby Neeko

Ohhh I love that face

Neeko and his Natey

Neeko's famous "Look" its a cross between smiling and yawning we think

Again with the look ;)

Ahh my sweet boys (minus Ben)

Its been a fun couple of weeks for the Bshaws that is for sure more to come soon love love.

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