Saturday, February 28, 2009

I never like to miss a photo op with myself!

It was my brother Stephen's birthday last week he turned 21!! I still refuse to believe it. We went out to eat at the Spaghetti Factory it was soo fun I think it has become a new tradition. Well I decided to play photographer to myself and took some weirdo pics! Enjoy!!

Birthday Boy!!

The whole fam

Brey wasn't in the pic so we forced him ;)


Smiling is fun

Mom she wanted to remain anonymous

Kiss take 1

Kiss take 2

Kiss take 3

Fish Morgan

My teeth

I think this eyeball pic is cool!!

Our fav!!

I discovered my fat face this evening

Saddened by the fat face

Natey trying to ignore my photographing

But he came through with a sweet nose picking shot!

This shot reminded me of Kess for some reason I think she posses like this a lot ;)

Officially annoyed

Spumoni yum yum yum

Spoon nose

I look like a bug smashed on a windshield

Disgusted by my double chin in this pic

The demon inside

We had a super great time for my bro's bday thanks family for taking us out to eat and for steve being born! Love love


Kim said...

21!!! ridiculous!! I am not ok with how old we are getting!

Tiffany and Whit said...

I felt like I was there in person. Didn't miss a beat! Too bad you didn't get to take all the pictures of them in Vegas.

Carrian said...

Um hello... you look gorg in all your pics. Your hair is so pretty!! Is it darker or longer??

Ariel said...

i can't believe he's 21!!!!! i guess i shouldn't be so shocked... annette is friggin MARRIED after all.