Monday, February 23, 2009

Ten Pounds

Thanks for the tag brit, I don't know if I will get to ten unique things about myself I am sure that I can find some super odd werid things that I would not consider unique more creepy. But what the hay here we go!!

1. I have been constantly burning myself on things lately, its the weirdest thing anything that is hot it some way finds a way to my body and gives me a wicked burn. Maybe I have super power of some sort...what my super hero name would be I am not sure.

2. Nate and I well mainly me, I put an imaginary line down the middle of our bed that he cannot cross I don't allow pillows or his blanket to cross it, I mean until we have a king sized bed I need my friggin space, but I do truly love my sweetie.

3. I would be devasted if they just up and cancelled the Food Network. I am so obsessed that may sound lame to some but I love watching people make things it is so interesting. I also I would have the same feelings about the Discovery Channel How It's Made is another one of my top favs. I think it has to do with my creative nature I love making things its just what I do.

4. I love love Sundays! Now I do love church and may be punished for this but my favorite part of it is taking my Sunday nap with my sweetie and spending the whole day with him with hardly anything to do. Its my favorite day of the week.

5. I am obsessed with my dogs that aren't really mine but I like to think so, they are my fam's. I am pretty sure that when one of the passes away I will for sure hold a funeral where all black for weeks and be a total nut job. I mean if it was accepted I would throw them birthday parties, I mean they could invite all of their little doggy friends over and sniff each other and I could send them all home with goody bags full of raw hides. Ah that sounds bliss to me

6. This is a given but fashion is my life. I love the creative aspect of it and how wearing the perfect outfit makes you feel like king of the world. I would love to live in NYC but I would be afraid to leave my family for that long. Maybe Cali would do...we will see. I don't think that I always present myself as a fashion enthusiast I have a huge closet full of amazing clothes but most of the time if you see me during the week I am wearing holey jeans, my old school black cons, and a T. Now you won't find me blaming this on my laziness (which is the real reason) I just blame it on my current living environment ;)

7. I am not sure when we will have kids. I am the go with the flow person, plus I am so so not ready for that kind of responsibility I can barely keep my head on straight. I told my mom yesterday that 30 is my deadline and she said that I better not wait that long she needs a grand baby before then. I hope that I will want one some day that is the only thing that really worries me....humphhhh. Time will tell

8. I have been obsessed with my weight lately which has created stress and then stress= me eating sugar which= me getting fat. It really is a vicious cycle I don't agree with it. Please can't I be blessed with a thyroid problem like my husband....also another thing that adds to the stress not Nate thinking I am fat he thinks I am a psycho but he is a toothpick and will be forever! How can I live up to that I mean you guys have seen him I refuse to be the chubby one, not that I want him to be but you get the picture..or don't I can be confusing ;)

9. Wow I can't believe I made it to nine I thought I would be stumped at 3 or somethin. I would say I have a rather broad music likes (I couldn't think of a sophisticated word or phrase there ;) I like rock, pop, punk(not the old school stuff where they were like banging their heads so hard it looked like it would snap off their necks), rap, country, musical #'s, some emo (I can't stand the slit your wrist kinds like bright eyes, I LOATHE Dashboard Confessional he is the biggest winey butt sissy pansy face ever and I will fight you on this, he is actually one of Nate's favs...we agree to disagree for the sake of our marriage ;)

10. I think potty humor is hilarious. I think the word diarehha sp? is hilarious, fake fart noises, the words turd, poop skid, dingle berry, etc. I know this is weird and that I should grow out of this but I don't think that it will ever happen nor do I really want it, its silly and being silly is fun ;)!

Well I tag everyone and anyone in the world if you feel the need to be tagged then tag on ;) Love love


Jamie said...

In reference to # 10. You need to go to youtube and check out all the pooter videos. you'll love them :)

Jesse & Katie said...

haha love it! My fave is number 2 on your list :)

Armstrong said...

O.K. Morgan you crack me up. I am laughing so hard at your comments especially the last one. I think potty/trash talk is funny too. We will catch up at the next fam party.

Armstrong said...

O.K. Morgan, your comments are just craking me up. I especially love number ten. I think I am the way. You are just too funny. Lets catch up at the next family party.