Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bear Lake Part 1

We went to Bear Lake last week with Nate's parents. It was so so fun and relaxing, we roasted wienies and smores, made a sand castle, laughed hysterically at season 10 of Friends, had a delicious raspberry lime shake, and got super burned on just our arms and knee caps (weird I know I guess I was a ton whiter then I had thought!)

Look how happy he is to be roastin'!

Pre roasting

I love love Bear Lake

Our sweet ride

Post Roast

In awe of my roasting skills (ignore the lazy eye mmk)

Self explanatory

Lean Mean Roasting Machines

Thanks for the great time Bshaws and Bear Lake! We had the absolute best time, and it was so so needed! See you again for Raspberry Days! Love love


Tiffany and Whit said...

It's soooo green at bear lake. How awesome. I enjoyed the pictures of the hotdogs:)

Kim said...

i like the one of the hot dog. mmmmmmmmmmmm. i love hot dogs!