Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Happy 4th!

Well I feel it is my duty to keep you die hard bshaw fans in the know (all two of ya ;) )! Our fourth was so awesome, we had the best time! It started late the night of third with the painting of the nails in patriotic colors with the mom and sis. Also we celebrated Neeko's bday, and of course I got him gifts: a plastic squeaky steak, new camo collar, and rawhides for all the boys. Happy Birthday Baby I love you (even though you can't read I will still put it out there!) The day started bright and early we went to the good ol Kaytown parade, I even enjoyed and ice cold Dr Pepper with my madre! Wow how I have missed it we haven't been home for the summer in 2 years! Let me just say the parade has gotten super crazy I remember the days when they had zero floats, it was awesome! Next I took a nap with Neeko, then we had amazing BBQ from Holy Smokes in Layton, yum yummy. Thanks Mom and Dad! Finally we were off to......THE STADIUM OF FIRE! It was such a blast I want to go every year from now on. All in all the fourth was awesome it still is one of my favorite holidays. Thanks America for being an amazing country and for letting us celebrate your birthday!

Parade with the Fam

Can you believe they had a missionary float with inflatable missionaries! Probably my fav

Red White and Blue baby!

Look how excited he is to see Glenn

I am so friggin patriotic

Fighter Jets from HAFB

Oh Glenn won't you be our BFF?

Jonas Mania!
OMGosh the Jonas Brothers!!
The stadium of fire was so so awesome! I totally want to go back every year, the fireworks were by far the best. I will try and load the pic we have, and all the movies we made won't upload ;(. It was so intense there was tons of ash falling all over us, I even took it in the eye a couple of times! It was great thanks everyone for an amazing 4th, can't wait for the 24th for more fun! Love love


Jamie said...

Do you remember watching the Stadium of Fire fireworks from that park with me and Kess? And then you two had a bubble gum stuffing your mouth contest? And the people we were with were too good for that sort of thing :)

Liz and Adam said...

NOOOO WAAAAAY!!! Jonas Bros AND Glen??? LUCKY!!! I could not be more jealous right now!

PS...You're pretty pretty pretty

Kim said...

one time.. i went to stadium of fire and got ash in my eye. it hurt.

Tiffany and Whit said...

Got to love the missionaries! I went to a parade and they rode their bikes and waved, it was so darn cute. Whit is super jealous you guys got to see Glen....