Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The things we'll do for Harry Potter

We went to the midnight show of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince last night, with my mom, sister, and bro! It was so so crazy, my mom asked us to drive past the theater after we went to the mall at nine, I was all come on there won't be people there yet (I mean people do have lives right?) Well I was so proven wrong the line when around the building to the complete opposite side, CRAZY!!

Our night consisted of:
-Me being super annoyed with having to get in line 3 hours before the movie even started
-My camera being dead
- A food run to Taco Time
- A mini high school reunion
- Performing a co-op mission to butt in line ;)
- A siting with Shea the bearded man Stott (Come on ladies who wasn't madly in love with him in junior high!)
- Listening to teeny bobbers drop the F bomb every 15 seconds
- Extreme anxiety from being surrounded by hundreds of people
- Almost being trampled to death when being ushered into the theater
- Lastly watching an amazing AMAZING movie! And making it home safely in the wee hours of the morning!

The movie was great I highly recommend it! I really wish that I would have read the book before seeing it, I was so so lost! I am still not ok with the Harry/Ginny love story I think it's weird and not cute.
I love love her though! I think she is so amazingly pretty!

The movie was great, the company was great, and I can't wait for the rest of the movies to come out! Thanks again so so much mom for taking us, we love you! Love love


Ariel said...

bah! i'm excited to see it!

Jamie said...

How could you not love Harry & Ginny!!!!? They are so adorable, much better then Cho :) But it's cool. I read the book this month and I'm so pumped for the movie!!

Liz and Adam said...

Seeing it TONIGHT!! I'm freaking excited. Let's get together soon the summer is fading fast!!!


Nathaly said...

I am catching up with everyone's blogs today... I loved the movie too!!! I can't wait for the next one @_@