Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hate Mail

Dear Google Maps:

I hate you. You have completely ruined my life. If I could sue you I would. If you were a bug I would for sure squish you, but not enough to kill you the first time just so you can feel extreme pain and I would let you limp around helplessly and then finish you off.

I hate your no good rotten stinking guts
Oh and you suck!

Morgan V

Let me give some background to this letter: many of you have asked where my interview was at...I prefer to keep that a secret but if you see me in the real world I will of course tell you. So yesterday was the absolute worst day of my entire life! I will start at the beginning, I had this amazing opportunity to interview at a clothing company I prepped weeks in advance for this day; I dyed my hair as mentioned, cut my bangs (which look fab), bought a skirt from the company I was interviewing at, bleached my teeth, painted my nails, and had my teacher write me the sweetest letter of recommendation. Needless to say I was feeling super awesome about this, I felt confident that I was qualified and prepared. So flash forward to yesterday I printed off directions to the interview, continued to perfect my look for the interview, and made sure I had an ample amount of time to get there....I left an hour and a half early to make sure I got there with plenty of time to spare. I then decided to head off and pick up a soda on my way down...I was super nervous! I reached the city where the interview was at and followed the directions Google maps gave me to a T.....did I end up where the interview was....NOOOOO! I ended up in a residential area on some friggin mountain, so instead of panicking I tried to find the location by following the cross streets (I promise I am good at directions), but where did I end up??? Back in the neighborhood on the mountain!! I drove around for over an hour trying to find this place, I tried finding the phone number to call someone but it was unlisted on Goog411. I then decided after I was now an hour late for my interview to just call it and drive home...I felt numb the entire drive home and for the remainder of the day....I couldn't even cry....I just felt nothing...and still do. Yeah you might say that I am over reacting but this is something that I have wanted forever...this was my chance to be able to have a job that utilizes creativity. When I got home I hurried and wrote the girl I was interviewing with an email apologizing and begging for another chance. She hasn't written me back which is a really bad sign. Ahhh so in conclusion I hate my life today and loathe Google maps.

ps: to make matters worse we went out to a friends house for dinner last night and of course used Google maps and got lost AGAIN!!! Hate hate hate you!

pps: tiff I found Logan's BFF last night: Lehi it was like taking step back in time ;)

ppps: Please hope that she writes me back!

pppps: Love love


Armstrong said...

Dear Morgan,

Just thought I would let you know that you failed the test. If you want something bad enough in life, you probably shouldn't rely on someone or something else to get you there.


Google Maps

P.S. Please don't use my brother "Google Search" anymore when looking for the latest trends, fashions or online deals. It's a two way street honey and it will soon suck to be you!

Kess said...

Morg ! I can't believe that ! I am so so sorry !

Ariel said...

that makes me so sad!!!!!!!!!!!! i really really really hope she emails you back.

you need to invest in a GPS. mine has never let me down.

The beginning said...

Morg this was not good! I'm so sorry. I can't believe how retarded google is. I hardly use it but I'm thinking to pass on it now. What is this about Lehi? Logan's twin you say? interesting. I thought Logan was one of kind!

Jamie said...

I'm sorry Morg! That really is horrible. That's happened to me (not for an interview but for other locations). I still use good ol' map quest... I'm SO sorry, seriously

Carrian said...

OHHHH I'm so sorry!!!! I had to go to shabby apple once and it's in a house so I kept driving aimlessly looking for it and finally got a hold of someone that said yes, it's in the back area of that house. RIDICULOUS! I also hate google maps now.

Shaylynn said...

GPS systems are honestly a god send. I hope you ask for one for Easter.. I hear rabbits like to give them out.

I'm sorry to hear about your let down.

I hope that human calls.

And most of all I wish you really were on the Real World, then I could tell everyone I went to school with you and then people just might ask for my autograph.

Liz and Adam said...

they will call...late or not late you are morgan freaking bradshaw.

I'm not worried.

However, this is very sad.
You are pretty, I'm sorry this happened.