Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Scared!

Has anyone seen The Lovely Bones?? We watched it with BF's Christy and Jason last night...I am still trying to decide if it was a good movie or not...? You know what I will just flat out say that it was a good movie since all we did on the ride home last night was talk about it and I keep getting chills down my spine!! Just looking at this pic makes me poop my pants because of scariness!

Stanley Tucci as George Harvey...the KILLER!

This actor seriously needs an award for this movie! Usually he plays the funny guy like Julia Childs' husband, and the art director for The Devil Wears Prada. I for reals hated him in kudoos to you Stanley for being awesome!

I thought Saorise Ronan the girl who played Suzy the lead did an amazing job as well, and I think she is drop dead gorgeous! Why can't my pale skin look this pretty and porcelain doll like?

Also this is still haunting me from my trip to the grocery store the other day:

Ok Heidi you seriously are delusional if you think you look hot now! You were perfectly fine before! Who gets a brow lift at 23?? Her boobs look like cantelopes! STOP PLEASE!! Or you will end up looking like the notorious cat lady.

Please say that I don't have nightmares tonight from the previously discussed items in this post!! Love love


Shaylynn said...

I love that you blogged about the movie. I adore the book aside from the end. boo. I'm debating about seeing it. some movies ruin the book. I'm so arrogant about it:) I love that you blogged about Heidi. I totally did too.. and i automatically thought of catwoman too.

Ariel said...

i loved the book. it's one of my favorites. but i don't think i would like to see it on screen. it's too creepy. something about SEEING the creepy neighbor guy would be too disturbing.

Jamie said...

Heidi's so retarded I hope she keeps going :) Or gets enough brains to dump that loser hubby

Carrian said...

I decided not to see the movie. I read the book in Vegas when we all lived there and it was too much to read with a little girl napping in the next room. Just not a good mom book. Now I'm a little curious though... maybe the movie would be alright. OH and HEIDI! Good mercy woman. I think she looked better before.

Whit,Tiff and B said...

K totally need to see that movie now. I didn't want to see cuz I thought it look stupid, but now you have changed my opinion and intrigued me.