Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday Night: Core Fusion

I went to a fitness class last night at the South Davis Rec Center called: Core Fusion. I have gone to this class before but last night was particularly rough. Instead of fusing my core I promise I think my spine is fused! My lower back is throbbing which is directly related to the permanent reverse plank position I was in for around 55 minutes. Blah! I know that I will thank her later but Kristen of SDRC: I don't like you, or your core fusion/reverse plank class ;)! I honestly don't know if I will make it to kick box tonight...I super need it though after eating that pasta I made last night (have you tried it yet?) I am pretty sure I ate a whole stick of burnt brown butter all by myself. Really why can't I be blessed with a super duper high metabolism, or a thyroid problem? Yeah I know I wouldn't want it if I had it blah, blah, blah I think that's what skinny people with those problems tell you to make you feel better about your chunkiness. I really hope I make it tonight...or I develop a skinny disease ;) hope you all have a great Thursday! I can't wait for my rio salad tonight and shows ;)! Love love.

ps: Don't forget to check out the Meet Virginia site I am just about to post one of my latest crafts and how you can do it in your house ;). Let me know what you think!


Laura and Bryce said...

um your not chunky!

Jesse & Katie Rindlesbach said...

where do you kick box?? i REALLY want to get into that. we should go together sometime!!

Kess said...

So I read your post of the delcious pasta, and decided nothing else would do for dinner last night. I had all the necessary items except the myzithra cheese, and being so nieve I stopped at Wal-mart for this final item. Was it anywhere to be found, no.... so sloppy joes it was for dinner.. i was very disappointed !!